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A Royal & Sunalliance case study

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Page 4: Launching Enterprise

Royal Sunalliance 6 Image 3Enterprise was a major project for Royal & SunAlliance. It has been successful for a wide variety of reasons:

Involving people

Involving people from many teams within Royal & SunAlliance in developing, shaping and implementing the ideas achieved widespread ‘buy-in’ to and understanding of the whole Enterprise concept, making implementation much easier.

Involving Brokers in shaping the whole concept, at an early stage in Enterprise’s development, has helped develop processes which will benefit them This approach clearly shows Royal & SunAlliance’s customer-focused culture.

Sharing information

By applying strict Project Management principles throughout every stage of the project and by sharing knowledge around the Royal & SunAlliance Group, the company avoided making unnecessary mistakes and was able to implement ideas quickly. Enterprise incorporates elements of ideas which the company has already applied successfully in other parts of the world.

Pilot and phased launch

Testing the whole concept through a ‘pilot’ phase  was invaluable for getting feedback from a few Brokers and provided the opportunity to improve Enterprise before the full implementation.

Adopting a phased launch of Enterprise, by opening the service centres in four UK cities staggered over a period of a few months, reduced the risks associated with such a large project, by letting the implementation team refine and improve its approach as the project progressed.


Royal & SunAlliance invested in a comprehensive, customer-focused 6-week training programme for Enterprise underwriters. The training programme includes modules relating to sales, teamwork, products, insurance and underwriting, systems and telephony.


Regularl communication within the company and with Brokers kept everyone informed of the progress of Enterprise. Communications experts worked throughout the project and provided Enterprise with a high level of coverage in the insurance media.

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