Building an airline through brand values


Introduction Anybody who has bought a car will tell you that there are tangible points of difference which affect their decision to make a purchase. For example, there are many different models of car which have various characteristics. They may have manual or automatic transmissions, fuel injection systems, be small and versatile, designed for a family or for a couple, have four-wheel drive and also have vast differences in fuel-economy, safety, security and performance. The prospective purchaser can read reports through the motoring press, visit a showroom, sit in a car and test-drive it in order to make a comparison of these features. In the service sector, a consumer has to deal with a completely different set of circumstances. It is just not possible to walk into a hotel reception and ask if you can ‘test-drive’ a bedroom or to turn up at an airport and ask an airline if they could take you up for a ‘test flight’! The ways in which consumers select, test and make decisions about purchases do not apply in the same way for services as they do for manufactured goods. As a result there are more pressures upon service organisations to develop a series...

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