Partnership through sponsorship
A Royal & Sunalliance case study

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Page 5: Why sponsorship?

Royal Sunalliance 2 Image 2Sponsorship is a powerful tool in promoting and enhancing the Royal SunAlliance brand. It is effective in building awareness of the company and its values, both with the general public and with key commercial contacts and is an integral part of Royal SunAlliance’s corporate marketing activities. Royal SunAlliance’s policy is to sponsor projects which are of national importance and international significance and which have enduring value. This type of association is of great mutual benefit, both to the organisation being sponsored and to Royal SunAlliance.

There are many reasons why the sponsorship link with the National Trust is a particularly appropriate one for the Royal SunAlliance to develop. The work of the National Trust involves the management of houses and buildings, gardens, the countryside and the coast, nature conservation and country parks to provide preservation and access. Every National Trust site provides a valued community resource which may be used for recreation, supporting the activities of a local area, educational activities and simply improving the environment in which we live. The Royal SunAlliance adopts a broad and responsible approach to its work and supports values towards community living, the environment and education and the way these influences help to reflect the sort of society in which we live.

The National Trust’s success is based upon a framework of values to which a high proportion of the general public can relate. The Royal SunAlliance shows its support for these values through its sponsorship of the National Trust.

The National Trust adopts a responsible role in providing protection for its many properties, whilst balancing this against access. There is a natural relationship between the long-term protection provided by the National Trust and the protection provided by all forms of insurance. Both forms of protection provide a means by which activities, irrespective of whether they are commercial, personal or community activities, can function with less risk and in a way which provides benefits for many different individuals.

Royal Sunalliance 2 Image 5The National Trust provides permanent protection to historic houses, gardens, coastline, countryside, archaeological sites and vernacular buildings in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. As an insurance company for the National Trust, the Royal SunAlliance provides a wide range of protection for the National Trust’s property.

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