Social marketing in the new millennium
A Sky case study

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Page 4: Devising the strategy

Sky 5 Diagram 1In devising the strategy, Sky focused on:

The brand

Sky’s brand values influence everything the company does and says. The Sky brand represents more than just television; it is about choice and making the most out of life.Sky’s brand values are:

  • creativity
  • choice
  • connection
  • entertaining
  • innovative.

The challenge

The social marketing challenge for Sky was to identify how its mission – to help its customers make the most out of life - could be extended beyond supplying its products and services. Sky Television needed to define a social marketing strategy that worked with its brand values.

Target audience

Having identified its objectives, Sky Television needed to ascertain the right target audience to support. It recognised from previous research that young people, in particular, were influenced by its programming and identified with its entrepreneurial, youthful brand. Subsequently, Sky set out to find the key issues facing today’s teens.

The social issue

Sky 5 Image 1Discussions with opinion formers in education, the youth sector and the careers advisory service indicated that young people were suffering from a lack of inspirational advice and guidance on the range of future opportunities available to them. Much of the existing careers advice tended to neglect important factors such as individual talents, personalities and hobbies.

Sky commissioned quantitative research among 800 14-16 year olds across the UK to explore further teenagers’ thoughts about their futures. It discovered an overwhelming sense of optimism amongst the teenagers. However, half of those who said they would ideally like to work in a field that reflected their hobbies and passions were at a loss to name new sources to help them find a suitable opportunity to do so. Most of the sample relied on their parents for inspiration and information, although over 80% said they did not want to follow in their parents’ footsteps. (VA Research Limited, May 1999)

Sky 5 Image 7This suggested there was a role for Sky Television to play in helping young people to explore the choices in their lives. By inspiring teenagers to think about their futures and showing them the range of opportunities available to them, Sky Television could assist young people to discover their potential.

A catalyst for change

Sky Television identified a link between helping young people explore their futures and the increasing public focus on the new millennium. As Sky is the Official Broadcast Sponsor of the Millennium Experience (the nation’s official millennium celebrations), Sky’s involvement presented the perfect launch pad for its social marketing programme, Reach For The Sky, an initiative to help young people ‘see what they can be’.

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