Delivering business objectives - staff development
A Sodexho case study

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Page 5: Conclusion

Sodexho 7 Image 7Today more than ever ‘human capital’ lies at the heart of successful organisations, particularly in service industries that involve regular personal contact with customers. High calibre employees are greatly in demand and employers must learn how to recruit and retain them.

Sodexho managers need to possess or acquire not only the skills to develop high quality catering and other services, but also the business knowledge to manage a competitive business unit. They also need to develop the right sort of interpersonal skills to manage, motivate, and give responsibility to their team of trusted individuals.

Sodexho has set out to deliver its tough financial objectives by transforming the way its key personnel manage the various components of the business. By developing a more extensive communication framework with employees, and by encouraging managers to improve their inter-personal management skills, Sodexho believes that it can produce the looked-for improvements in company performance. The next step will be to test employee attitudes again, a year or so from now, to check that ongoing improvement is indeed taking place. These are the front line leaders.

Sodexho | Delivering business objectives - staff development