Leading the digital revolution through innovation
A Sony case study

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Page 5: Continuous improvement

Sony 5 Image 6All Sony factories are driven by a desire to improve quality and reduce cost, employing lean production and just in time manufacturing techniques to maintain a competitive cost advantage and therefore lower prices. Sony also tries to instil a belief in ‘Kaizen’, or continuous improvement throughout the organisation, always striving to find better methods of manufacturing its products. This is reflected in its considerable investment in research and development, not only into the products, but also into the manufacturing processes. Sony also tries to pass on this philosophy to its suppliers and partners. In addition, the development of a highly efficient distributor network, from the factory right through to the retailer and customer, has helped to build the brand image, making Sony one of the most respected names in the world. Sony refers to this line of contact as the ‘value chain’.

Sony | Leading the digital revolution through innovation