Delivering a business strategy
A TNT case study

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Page 1: Introduction

tntorgstructureTNT is the market leader in the provision of business-to-business (B2B) express delivery services. It delivers documents, parcels and freight securely between businesses, using road or air transport.

Ken Thomas founded TNT in Australia in 1946 with a single truck. It became Thomas Nationwide Transport (TNT) in 1958 and TNT Express Services UK in 1978. Today TNT is a global company and serves customers in over 200 countries around the world, employing 10,000 people in the UK. TNT has two operating divisions in the UK.

As a global company, TNT seeks to project a consistent image across the world. For example, it uses the global strapline 'Sure we can' on all its vehicles, aircraft and communications material.


planeTNT's values underpin the way the organisation runs. These values are the core principles or standards that guide the way TNT does business. While business plans and strategies may change, the core values of a business remain the same. TNT's values are:

  • Be honest
  • Aim to satisfy customers every time
  • Challenge and improve all we do
  • Be passionate about our people
  • Act as a team
  • Measure success through sustainable profit
  • Work for the world.

Every aspect of TNT's business strategy focuses on 'delivering a superior customer experience'. For example, TNT uses sophisticated technology to enable customers to check exactly where their deliveries are at any time.

Delivering through people

TNT Express UK delivers over 3.5 million items every week around the world. It is listed among Britain's Top Employers and provides first-class working conditions and care of its employees. The company needs high-level skills to cover a wide range of functions, including distribution, sales and marketing, finance, customer services and HR. To attract and retain the best people TNT offers interesting careers, with opportunities for people to progress.

The case study explores how TNT delivers its business strategy and achieves consistently high standards of service through its people.

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