Building Human Resources to provide a foundation for growth
A Travis Perkins case study

Page 6: Conclusion

It was not so long ago that the UK Government published 'Our Competitive Future: Building the Knowledge Driven Economy'. This became known as the Competitiveness White Paper. It emphasised that, in a modern and changing world, employees are an organisation's most valuable assets. It is they who help to develop 'a culture in the workplace that allows knowledge, creativity and commitment of the workforce to be fully exploited'.

For Travis Perkins, it is not enough to be highly visible and geographically close to customers. That alone will not attract sufficient trade. The company recognises that it is its employees and their understanding of how to help customers to solve problems and deal with issues that makes the organisation distinct. It also knows that this approach provides a base of care that is vital for the company's ongoing growth and competitiveness.

Travis Perkins | Building Human Resources to provide a foundation for growth


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