Building an airline through brand values
A Virgin Atlantic case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Virgin Atlantic 3 Image 7Publicity centred on Richard Branson forms an important part of Virgin’s communication strategy. Lord Mancroft once defined PR quite wryly as “The art of arranging the truth so that people like you”. Richard Branson’s activities have helped to provide positive perceptions of the Virgin organisation. These have developed a series of values which have become embedded within the brand and encompassed within the product. According to Richard Branson, “Public relations is an important part of running our business”. Virgin Atlantic has also proved to be an astute advertiser over the years. The famous logo is highlighted on all its goods and services and is a highly protected property. Virgin Atlantic has implemented a media strategy to promote its brands, including television, newspapers, posters, promotions and direct mail.

Recent TV advertising has secured the endorsement of celebrities, Terence Stamp and Helen Mirren, who had never before appeared in advertising. Both highly successful campaigns communicated the benefits of flying Upper Class as the only ‘sensible choice’ for business travellers and resulted in a 30% increase in trial. In addition, a selection of strip advertisements, emphasising Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class services and facilities, have featured in the UK press and have won several leading marketing awards.

Following this success Virgin Atlantic has, for the first time, targeted leisure travellers on television and cinema with the Grim Reaper ad. It has proved to be extremely popular and has won many awards, for example a ‘Leon D’Or’ Gold award at the 44th International Advertising Festival in Cannes and a Silver award at the British TV Advertising awards.Virgin Atlantic has moved forward, using branding in a highly competitive service industry, by creating a series of values, associations and positive perceptions. At the same time these brand values have helped to influence the choices of airline travellers across the globe.

Virgin Atlantic | Building an airline through brand values