Developing and implementing a strategic approach to ethics
A Vodafone case study

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Page 2: Ethics, strategy and values

Vodafone takes a strategic approach to its ethics and business decisions. This involves managers considering the impact of important decisions in the long-term. By discussing options managers are more likely to achieve agreement. Goals that are agreed are more likely to be met.

Vodafone has six global goals. One of these is 'to be a responsible business'. This includes the issues of ethics. Companies develop strategies to meet their goals. Vodafone has eight key Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies. These form part of the companies approach to meeting its global goal of being a responsible business. One of these is responsible marketing: an example would be the company's decision not to send bulk unsolicited (i.e. un-requested) emails or SMS messages to its customers, they have to choose to opt- in to receive communications.

Vodafone's employees implement company strategies in a fast changing competitive environment. They have to make effective tactical decisions. To do this they need a consistent and shared set of values. The company's values are driven by its four passions.


  • marketing products and services responsibly
  • communicating openly and honestly
  • protecting customers.


  • recruiting and retaining the best people
  • investing in improving skills
  • involving and motivating employees.


  • setting clear goals
  • focussing on achieving goals
  • rewarding staff for achievements.

The world around the company

  • investing in local and national charities via The Vodafone UK Foundation
  • monitoring and actively reducing the impact of the business on the environment e.g. recycling mobile phones, reducing waste, energy reduction activities
  • listening to any concerns local communities, pressure groups, customers and other interested parties may have about the company's impacts, and working to address these concerns.
  • Vodafone's staff are empowered and ethical. They share these passions. This helps them make better decisions when reacting to changes.

Vodafone | Developing and implementing a strategic approach to ethics