Sponsorship and the marketing mix
A Vodafone case study

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Page 3: Promotion

VVodafone 9 Image 2odafone works with icons such as David Beckham to communicate its brand values.
Above the line

  • Advertising on TV, on billboards, in magazines and in other media outlets reaches large audiences and spreads the brand image and the message very effectively. This is known as above the line promotion.

Below the line

  • Stores have special offers, promotions and point of sale posters to attract those inside the stores to buy.
  • Vodafone’s stores, its products and its staff all project the brand image.
  • Vodafone actively develops good public relations by sending press releases to national newspapers and magazines to explain new products and ideas.

Getting the message across

Vodafone UK produces various publications for customers and staff, e.g:

  • Vodafone Essentials: outlines the product range
  • Vodafone Explore: helps customers to maximise their use of their purchase
  • Direct mail: stimulates customers and potential customers to find out more
  • Vodafone life! A magazine for employees, detailing products, people and sponsorship deals

Vodafone | Sponsorship and the marketing mix