Stakeholders in recycling and re-use
A Vodafone case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Vodafone is a mobile network operator headquartered in Newbury, Berkshire. In 2006 its income was just over £5 billion. This made it the largest telecommunications network company in the world by turnover.

Most of the UK's biggest companies have been in existence for a hundred years or more Shell, BP, the Bank of Scotland (now part of HBOS), Barclays and Rolls-Royce for example. Vodafone is an exception to this rule. It is a new company set up in 1985 to provide a new service mobile communication links - to support new products mobile phones. Vodafone's goal is to be the UK's communications leader.

Leadership is not just about selling more products than rivals. It involves ensuring the brand is reliable and trustworthy. Vodafone achieves this by giving high priority to Corporate Responsibility (CR). CR involves being aware of the issues facing a business and acting responsibly in all areas of its activity. Vodafone's commitment to CR is set out in its vision statement which describes the kind of company it is. The vision statement links closely with its mission statement.

Vodafone's vision is:

“to be the world's mobile communications leader. Corporate Responsibility (CR) helps us to achieve this by reducing business risk and supporting our reputation with customers, employees, government and other important stakeholders´...This commitment is about making money in a way that minimises our negative impacts and maximises the positive benefits of our business on people and the planet.

Vodafone has many different stakeholders. Stakeholders are individuals, groups or organisations that have an interest in the activities and behaviour of a business. They can be internal stakeholders, like employees and partners, or external, such as customers, suppliers, government or the media for example. All stakeholders can influence as well as be influenced by Vodafone.

This case study focuses on one area all of these stakeholders groups are interested in the recycling and re-use of old mobile phones to reduce the carbon footprint of the company and its users. In the UK, there are over 50 million mobile phones in circulation. It is important to consider what happens to the phone at the end of its lifecycle can it be re-used or recycled?

Vodafone | Stakeholders in recycling and re-use