Water as a precious asset
A Yorkshire Water case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Yorkshire Water 2 Image 6It is also realised that many of Yorkshire Water’s sites are of special interest to visitors young and old, including over 50 reservoirs where walking and other recreational activities take place. Yorkshire Water has 11 Education Centres across the region which can be pre-booked for visits. These centres include water and waste treatment works, a museum and a nature reserve. Such centres are a community asset designed to show not only what Yorkshire Water provides, but many of the assets it owns. The Centres show water analysis, working models, video and slide presentations and computer graphics and can provide project work to support a wide variety of subject areas, including science, technology and geography.

And finally...

The improving management of water resources coupled with the continuing investment in Yorkshire Water’s infrastructure means that supplies to customers taps will be safe guarded and waste water will be disposed of safely, efficiently and with minimum impact on the environment.

Yorkshire Water | Water as a precious asset