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How to bet on sports successfully

Few vocations across the UK are as popular as sports betting and the subsequent impact has seen the sports betting industry boom.

Major UK bookmakers are now hugely profitable businesses that are able to sponsor some of the biggest events in the British sporting calendar.

As a pastime however, betting on sport can have its pitfalls and consistently making money through sports betting is a notoriously difficult thing to do.

With so many sports and bookmakers to choose from, knowing how to make money through betting on sport is no easy task.

Here is a guide on how to bet on sports successfully:

Understand the Odds

Getting to grips with how the bookmakers operate is hugely important for punters when starting out on their sports betting journey.

Choosing between decimal and fractional odds is an important decision to make and familiarising yourself with both formats is key.

Furthermore, developing an understanding of pay outs and how much money you stand to win/lose on each bet, can hugely improve your betting performance.

Pick and Choose Your Bets

The sheer number of sporting events available to punters is both a positive and negative within the betting sphere.

Having a wealth of sports to choose from, with events kicking off all over the world 24/7 is hugely enticing and potentially lucrative to bettors.

However, having so much choice can encourage punters to bet on too many events and chase a win, in a market where perhaps there is no value.

Keeping an objective frame of mind and picking and choosing the best bets for you is absolutely key when looking to maximise your betting profits.

Develop and (stick to) a Betting Strategy

As with anything, having a clear plan when it comes to sports betting can hugely assist punters as they look to win money.

Few things in life are as unpredictable as sport and betting on sport always throws up its fair share of thrills and spills – so you will need a foolproof betting strategy to help you on your way.

If you are new to betting, seek out simple bets and odds to allow you to become accustomed with specific bets and the payments you could receive from them.

As you grow in confidence, look to manage your account by only betting a small percentage of your cash pot and seek out value in every bet placed.

Whilst it should go without saying, betting can be dangerous financially so be sure to bet within your means and remember that fun should be at the forefront of your mind when punting.

Make the Most of the Welcome Offers

Fundamentally, online sportsbooks are businesses, and such is the competition for custom between online bookmakers, that all of the major bookies across the world offer new customers enticing welcome offers to get punters to sign up.

Most welcome promotions consist of offering a new customer free bet tokens once they sign up for and deposit funds into an account.

Welcome offers can fluctuate massively in value, but they are a great opportunity for punters to become familiar with a specific bookmakers’ website and develop confidence when betting.

Traditionally, welcome offers tend to come with a range of terms and conditions, with each bookmaker operating to their own set of rules – so ensure you read up on the T’s & C’s before you sign up.

Seek out expert opinion

No matter how much sport one watches, every person views every game differently and betting with emotions rather than objectively can be costly.

The increase in popularity in sports betting has seen a plethora of sources hit the market, each proffering opinions and analysis on every game.

Oddsmanager.co.uk is the go-to place for punters when it comes to getting the latest sports betting offers, tips and welcome promotions and it is a must have resource for any aspiring punter.

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