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4 Simple ways to brand your business for success

ways to brand your business for success
Photo by Mario Caruso on Unsplash

Making your brand stand out is the bread and butter of marketing. Without a distinct brand identity, it’s likely that your product will be cut adrift in a fast-paced world. Forging such an image isn’t an easy process, but it can be done with the help of a few savvy tips gleaned from the world of business and packaging.

In this post, courtesy of the packaging experts at Kendon Packaging, we will lift the lid on what new startups need to do in order to stand out and turn a fanciful idea into a cold, hard business reality.

Make a buzz on social – but keep it authentic

Nearly every business has at least dabbled in viral marketing – but there is danger in this approach. Promoting tweets and Instagram posts with no wider strategy might provoke a backlash amongst users, which is the one thing you don’t want to happen while making your first small steps as a business.

A simple, unobtrusive video highlighting the benefits of your new product will do well on social media – instead of something more in-your-face. Of course, it goes without saying that you should under no circumstances use fake accounts to ‘astroturf’ support for your brand online. You’ll be found out very quickly, and the internet is an unforgiving place.

Packaging to fit the niche

A helpful first step on the way to packaging perfection is surveying what your competitors’ products look like on the shelf. There may be a certain colour palette that your competitors use that you could either produce a subtle twist on or deviate from completely- it’s up to you.

A fresh colour scheme might make your product stand out, but it could lead to customers mistaking your product for something else at first glance, which obviously isn’t ideal. On the other hand, making your product look too similar could result in your product losing its identity and making it look like a poor imitation – you should avoid red and white cans if you’re bringing a new cola product to market, for example.

Opt for the right logo

If you’ve decided on a perfect colour, then the next step is to create a logo that stands out – and for this step, simplicity is key. Think about how various ubiquitous logos look – such as the Nike Swoosh or the Apple apple – there’s not a lot of detail involved, which brings symbolism to the fore. A stripped-back logo will make your business look forward-facing and cutting-edge, properties which most start-ups strive for.

On the contrary, a more ornate, vintage-look logo could be a winner, depending on the niche you’re operating in. Home-made foodstuffs and throwback clothing emporiums will benefit from a more ‘traditional’ styled logo – with pastel shades and handwriting-style fonts brought to the forefront.

Go eco the right way

Eco-friendly packaging is a hot-button issue in 2019 – and it’ll continue to be vitally important in the years to come. Your startup can easily carve out a niche in any market by becoming the most eco-friendly option for consumers. Startups such as Just Water have proved that you can shake up any industry simply by changing your packaging – in their case, swapping out the traditional plastic bottle in favour of a paper-based carton won them a lot of media coverage, as well as a unique, stand-out look on the shelf.

The danger here is overstating your eco credentials. This practice is known as ‘greenwashing’ and has sunk a number of businesses over the years under the weight of negative PR. Make sure your eco credentials are bulletproof before stating them and you’ll easily avoid this pitfall.

ways to brand your business for success
Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

Whatever the future holds for your business, these tips will help you on your way to a greater level of awareness for your product in 2019. Just remember, try not to grow too quickly, as measured steps on the road to success will help your brand thrive in 2020 and beyond.

Author bio:

Alex Jones is a content creator for Kendon Packaging. Now one of Britain’s leading packaging companies, Kendon Packaging has been supporting businesses nationwide since the 1930s.

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