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4 Marketing strategies to build brand recognition

Photo by Mikael Blomkvist: pexels

Thanks to the internet, it has never been easier to reach so many people. Unfortunately, that also means the field has never been more crowded. With businesses coming at potential customers from all angles, companies need to employ the best marketing strategies they can so that they don’t end up getting lost in the shuffle.

If you’re trying to figure out which marketing strategy to use for your business, we’ve got you covered. Read on, and we’ll walk you through the top strategies to up your marketing game.

1. Movement Marketing

Nowadays, it’s not enough for a business to just sell goods and services. They need to have a cause they are advocating for as well. And that’s a good thing!

Movement marketing is so powerful because it allows businesses to tap into existing cultural movements and show their support while also enforcing brand recognition. When done successfully, supporters of the movement will start promoting the brand themselves and encouraging others to do the same.

But be careful—one misstep in movement marketing can have serious negative consequences. Advocates of your cause want you to be sincere. They don’t like it when your ad campaigns come off as “tone-deaf” or exploitative.

If you’re interested in pursuing this marketing strategy, be sure to have a complete understanding of the movement you are joining, how its advocates act, and what they are interested in. You want your brand to be fighting for something specific with specific goals in mind. Your best bet to align your brand effectively with any cause is to seek the help of movement marketing experts. They can walk you through different causes and how to present your brand as an essential part of the movement.

2. Email Marketing Sequences

When you use email marketing sequences, you significantly increase your chances of converting browsers into buyers. What are email marketing sequences? These are the automated messages you get after you subscribe to a business site.

Be sure to keep track of what customers are clicking on what links and which customers are buying which products. This way, you can catalogue those clients and more accurately market to them later on with custom emails and special deals.

3. Social Media Marketing

Just about everyone is on social media and that means your customers are too. Using social media is a great way to connect directly with clients, see what people are talking about, and share your brand and its products.

If you can afford it, it may be helpful to hire a social media manager. Otherwise, just do it yourself. Be sure to post honestly and often. Using hashtags for trending topics is a great way to get your company’s profile into the public sphere.

Utilizing influencers is another great way to take advantage of social media marketing. Influencers have several thousand to millions of dedicated followers. When used appropriately and with the right influencer, it’s a great way to get your product in front of a lot of people in one post.

4. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are some of the most seen content on the internet right now. When you advertise on Facebook, you have the option to filter who will see your ads based on information such as age, interests, relationship status, and more.

Plus, by using Facebook Pixel, you are able to track all of the people who come to your site. This allows you to make custom ad campaigns targeted to those who have already visited your website.

No matter which marketing strategy you choose, be sure to go about it honestly and have a campaign that you actually believe in. Because if you truly believe in it, other people will too.

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