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5 reasons lacking mobile friendly website costing money

If you are running a business then let’s get one thing straight, you need to have a website of your own or any other way of social media marketing because the best way to reach your customers is to market your business online. Now, those who already own a website know the struggle of updating it and maintaining it in order to gain more traffic but this is not where the struggle ends. In fact there is a lot more to it.

Customers get very irritated when they try to access a website which is not responsive and not being able to respond on time can cost you and your business a lot. It’s simple, if you will maintain your response time, more customers will come to you but if not then your marketing game can turn really ugly.

Now, you might be wondering that how exactly can you win your marketing game and what basic strategy is required for that. Well, we will cut it short for you, you simply need to own a mobile friendly website. You do have a desktop website? Well, we appreciate you for that but there are plenty of opportunities and chances that you are missing by not having a mobile friendly website. Google had recently announced the mobile first indexing norm which means that now more traffic will be generated on mobile based websites than the desktop ones.

Not only is this in fact, lacking a mobile friendly website costing you a lot of money;

Here are the 4 ways which indicate that you now need to have a mobile website as soon as possible;

1-Visitors prefer to access mobile websites

It is an undeniable fact that mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage a long time ago. There is a rapid increase in mobile phone users and this trend does not seem to stop any time soon. All of this is a clear indication that people prefer to access websites via cell phones because not everyone has a computer or a laptop but everyone does have a mobile phone. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website then get ready to see your traffic decrease on daily basis. The reason behind it is simple, people don’t stick to those websites that take a lot of time to load or are not responsive, in fact, people never return to the website that is slow. Ultimately all of this will lead you to some serious profit loss.

2-Your Site’s SEO is in trouble

At the end of the day a website’s success is based on it’s SEO and I am sure none of you would want to hurt that SEO. However, lacking a mobile friendly website can lead you to some serious SEO loss too. In fact your site might get de-indexed too if it doesn’t pass the Google mobile friendly test. In short, you have to be very very about your search engine rankings, a non-responsive design will affect your SEO badly and ultimately you will start losing money and all your efforts will be vain. All you need is to maintain a good response time and for that a mobile friendly website is very much competitive.

There are plenty more ways through which you can increase the SEO of your site and for detailed info visit matthewwoodward and learn how to excel in website marketing.

3- Mobile Users are unable to reach your website

We’ve said it earlier that there is a huge population of the world that is using mobile phones and many don’t have a computer or even a laptop. This is why they cannot reach you or the products that you are selling. A mobile based website is important for you especially if you are running an ecommerce website. Your purchase rate can get in some serious trouble and that will eventually result in loss.

Mobile shopping has now become an impulsive act and it is not going to stop. If you convert to a mobile friendly design, you will be shocked to see how your sale increases, there will be a massive difference between your sales rates. You can also start using tools such as Google Analytics in order to monitor the number of people who are trying to visit your site via mobile phones, this way you will have a complete analysis of the situation and you can track down the statistics easily.

4- Desktop Users Buy Less

Even if the person behind the desktop and the person behind the mobile are same yet they behave differently. Desktop users don’t spend much time sitting on the laptop or computer and even if they do, they will buy one or two products of yours, once a month or once a week. On the other hand, when it comes to mobile users, they buy small but they buy frequently. So, if your products or services are below $10 then mobile friendly websites are ideal for your business.

5- Google favors mobile friendly website

As mentioned earlier, Google has now changed its algorithm and now more than half of the traffic will come from mobile users. Also, in the year 2015, Google placed mobile friendly websites as a parameter for better search rankings. In short, the site that is mobile friendly gets a higher rank in the search engines. Google did this so that the users could get easy access to whatever product they are looking for. You simply can’t mess with the strategies of google so it is better to shift to a mobile friendly web design in order to have higher rankings.


All of the above factors state that you need to have a mobile friendly design as soon as possible because your business needs outstanding marketing for outstanding results and that will only be possible if you make the access to your website, easy for your customers. Also, try to give quick responses to your customers and be active on your mobile website as much as you can, this tactic matters a lot and you should not take any risks with the response rate of your website because then you will lose customers for sure and your business won’t profit you.

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