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5 Social Media Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Following

Social Media
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Social media went from a fun and leisure activity to a necessary tool for businesses and brands to market their products and services. Nowadays everyone is on social media peddling products, pushing promotions, marketing services, and trying to get people to follow them and purchase what they have to offer. So with time, social media platforms have changed their approach to content because of an everchanging user experience. That’s why websites like Conexa are great for internet marketing resources and can keep you in the loop of the best practices and trends in the social media and digital world. But to make life easier for you, this article will list the best practices to help grow your social media presence.

Here are 5 social media tips and tricks to grow your following. 

5. Keep an Eye on Algorithm Changes

Social media websites and platforms like Instagram are constantly changing their algorithms, and with them, changing the way they rank your content. This means that, for example, at some moment in time Instagram ranked content depending on the number of likes a particular post got. However, with their latest algorithm tweak, Instagram now puts more emphasis on posts that users have SAVED to their accounts. Why is this important? Because as a content creator or marketer, you’re going to want to emphasize saved posts. Maybe you track that insight more, or your call to action points to people saving your posts.  The important thing is to always monitor and keep an eye out for changes in algorithms by the social media provider.

4. Create High-Quality Content

Getting your content shared across social media comes down to one important thing, and that is making your content high-quality. Users are looking for the best graphics, best information, best aesthetics, and best video quality when they share their content. Make sure you provide them with all that. Your posts need to hold value. For instance, if your social media page is a cooking page, share free cooking tips and easy DIY recipes. By doing so, you are providing the user a reason to follow your page, which is that you will provide them with quality content that will benefit them. 

3. Less is More

Staying with the theme of high quality, sometimes the best thing to do with your content is to keep it minimalistic and straight to the point. This doesn’t mean to not be creative, by all means, be as creative as possible. But you don’t want to go overboard. For instance, you don’t want to have time-consuming theatrics, headache-causing fly-in text animations, and other non-essentials. If your post is about How To Make Money with Pinterest then make it about that. Get straight to the point and answer the question, because ultimately that’s what the reader came for. 

2. Use Hashtags and New Features

Using hashtags is a get way to access a group of people or followers who don’t currently follow you. You want to use hashtags as a bridge between you and your new followers. Hashtags are what you have in common with a potential new follower. If you are a digital marketing expert on Instagram, you want to use hashtags like #marketing and #digitalmarketing, for example, to reach followers who are interested in those topics and are likely using those same hashtags. 

Also, you want to keep in touch with the new features on any social media app. It’s most likely that those features will have huge engagement early on. For example, Twitter recently rolled out a “story” feature on their platform similar to Instagram and Facebook. If you have a social media presence on Twitter, then you may want to start using its new features to post and promote new content.

1. Include Calls to Action

Don’t be afraid to include calls to action on your social media content. Ask your followers to share your page, like your content, and subscribe to your channel or website. A call to action on social media is a friendly way to remind your followers to show their appreciation and support for your page and content. Having a clear call to action will help you boost your social media growth and gain new followers.

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