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6 Easy tips to buy the perfect pair of glasses

We experience and connect to our world with the help of our eyes. The eyes are our portal through which we experience our reality. Hence, it is essential we take good care of our eyes and protect our vision. It is extremely important that we pick the right kind of spectacles or correct sunglasses to provide the necessary corrective and preventive vision solutions. The right glasses will serve as protection to your eyes against the sun or from radiation from digital devices. They will help you to gain a clear vision without failing to add the desired style to your look. The following factors should be considered when choosing a pair of glasses, especially when shopping glasses online:

The Right Prescription

It is crucial that you have updated your prescription when getting a new spectacle. You might choose the wrong spectacles if you use an old prescription that’s not yet updated, and this may result in headaches or to disrupt your sight as time goes on. 

The Frame Style 

Next, you will have to select the correct pair of frames for your glasses. There is a different kind of glasses and they come in different shapes. The popular ones include cat-eye, rectangle, wayfarer, round shapes, and aviator.

People that live in very humid and hot environments, can experience an allergic reaction caused by the nose pads in the metal frames. Plastic frames have very light weights and are quite durable. That`s why they are very suitable for children.

The Fit

After picking the frame, make sure it fits. Just like the lenses are important to help provide clear vision, it is also important to have the right frames. These glasses should fit properly as they would be worn at all times of the day and they shouldn’t discomfort you by sliding down the nose or pinching the ears or the nose. The glasses should be comfortable as well as to have a beautiful appearance. Select light frames not to have your nose bridge or ears heavily pressed. 

Choose the appropriate shape and size that fits the width and appearance of your face. Also, you might choose your frame depending on your lifestyle, like professional, chic look or sporty. When trying on frames, make sure it provides you with enough field of vision in all angles and don’t have to move your head or eyes to look through the lenses.

The Correct Lenses (Lens design)

The next thing to do is to select the right lenses. You can only get the right and exact vision by getting the correct kind of lenses suitable for you which might be: zero power, single vision, bifocal or progressive lens. 

Lens Material

Then, get the right lens material, that fits well with your lifestyle. Your choice of eyeglass lens could be influenced by five factors: comfort, durability, vision, safety, and appearance.

Lens Coatings

Lastly, make a selection from different kinds of lens coatings that will provide longevity to the glasses. The coatings on these lenses will improve the appearance, durability, and performance of your lens whether you’re wearing single vision, bifocal, or progressive kind of lenses.

Get coatings that are scratch-resistant or add a hard surface that can prevent your glasses and lens from getting scratched when dropped accidentally or handled roughly. Also, anti-reflective coatings will help to reduce the halos and glare from lights in the night and remove unpleasant reflections that may come from your lenses. You can also select from smudge resistant, dust or water-repelling, blue tech, UV protective, and other kinds of coatings. 

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