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How To Properly Clean Your Eyes

Eyes are a passage to one’s soul. Eyes are considered to be delicate and fragile parts of the human body, which need special care and attention. Nature has made a unique system for eye cleaning. Yes, eyelashes, eyelids, tears, and natural blinking eyes are all part of natural eye cleaning.

Consistent with the word of WHO, over 285 million individuals are visually impaired around the globe. And approximately 80 percent of people could have been saved from impairment with proper care and delicate handling.

But nothing is perfect, so is the case with your beautiful eyes through which you see the world’s colors. Your eyes can get irritated for any reason, be it a speck of dust or any allergy. Let us discuss a proper way for eye cleaning so that you won’t hurt your eyes in the future.

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It’s time for Eye Cleaning.

If you are wearing lenses, remove them before doing anything, i.e., washing your eyes. How long you should wash your eyes depends upon what got inside your eyes. Determine what exactly is in your eyes, irritating. If it is dust or any chemical that got into your eyes while working at home or the office, causing a continuous irritation, then wash your eyes with warm water.

Ensure that the water is not scorching; it should be just lukewarm, or else it would hurt the eyes more rather than provide relief. Many methods are used for eye cleaning.

If you will use your hands, first clean them before splashing water into your eyes. Because if there is any chemical on your hand, it would go into your eyes and can cause damage. Once your hands are clean, clean your eyes by pouring Luke warm water in them. Blink your eyes while pouring the water because it will remove all dirt and chemicals from your eyes.

If you are planning to use a dropper, fill it with warm water and test it if it is not too warm. Now drop the water in your eye to remove dirt or chemicals. It usually takes 5 to sixty minutes to ease the irritation; a one-time wash typically won’t work.

If putting water in your eyes is not your cup of tea, then you could stand in the shower. Let the water flow from your head to your eyes. or you can tilt the head onto the sink and turn on the tap on very low pressure. Remember to blink your eyes under the running water.

Another way is to fill a large bowel with warm water and dip your face in it and blink to clean your eyes.

Sometimes, there is some external hard object (any tiny substance) in your eyes, for instance, an eyelash. Then water may not work alone. First, do not rub your eyes; it would further worsen the situation. Use your hand (clean them before putting it in your eye), or you can use a clean washcloth or tissue and carefully remove the object.

Cleaning Eye Gunk

Are you among those who wake up with eye boogers? Eye boogers or gunk is actually a mucus that builds up around the eyelids and a tear duct. Throughout the day, the eye cleans itself and produces a small amount of mucus, which is not conspicuous. But when we sleep, that material builds up around and stays there.

These secretions from the eye can create an uncomfortable crust. A person could be suffering from the same situation if he has allergies, pink eyes, or cold. First, to remove this kind of substance, take a wet washcloth, and put it on your eyes for a few moments. When the gunk or mucus gets moist, remove it gently. If you are suffering from any allergy, do not use the same cloth twice during eye cleaning.

Medical Aid

While cleaning your eye, do not use much force because it could hurt the cornea or iris. Be very gentle during eye cleaning. Sometimes even after cleaning, the irritation does not go, or cleaning soothes the eye, but the vision is not clear. Do seek medical care if you suffer from blurred vision, Swelling or severe pain in the eye, or a headache.

Protect Your Eyes

To protect your eyes from hazardous situations, use shades while going out and working with any harmful substance that would likely go into your eyes. Shades can also protect your eyes from UV rays, a potentially damaging agent, besides eating healthy food for eyes like carrots and vitamin C rich fruits to keep eye diseases at bay. Look out for any danger signs and visit your eye doctor if there is any problem. 


The eye is a very delicate organ; even rubbing your eyes can cause damage. Be very gentle with your eyes if you need eye cleaning. Try not to put your finger directly into your eyes, because it could damage your eye and cause corneal abrasions. If washing your eyes does not help, contact an eye specialist, especially in case of contact with a chemical, to save yourself from harmful consequences.

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