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6 Pieces Of Travel Technology That Will Make Your Life Easier

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo onUnsplash

Technology has made travel easier in so many ways that it can be hard to keep track of all the new apps, gadgets, and other equipment that’s been developed to make getting from point A to point B simpler than ever before. From new luggage with built-in technology to devices that charge your smartphone, or help you find your way across The Golden Circle in Iceland, here are six pieces of travel technology that will make your life easier and you’ll still look good in front of the TSA agent checking your boarding pass.

6 Pieces of travel technology that will make your life easier

1) Wearable Devices

Whether you’re hiking, running, or cycling, wearable activity trackers can take tracking your fitness to a whole new level. Whether you want a simple pedometer to help motivate you to walk more or a sophisticated GPS device to let you know how far and fast you went on your last run, there’s something out there for everyone. Consider connecting these devices with each other so they talk to each other and give feedback when required. This makes achieving daily goals much more fun.

2) Smartphone Technology

Most people use their phone for more than just making calls. Many people keep it with them at all times and can access it as needed for email, text messaging, photos, even connecting with friends on social media. And with so many apps available (most of which are free), you can use your phone to help plan trips, find food or entertainment along your route, and even book hotels or rental cars ahead of time. Some apps also let you call businesses directly from within an app; others act as translators, letting you avoid awkward language issues in foreign countries.

3) Portable Charger

While travelling, there are two types of people in the world: those who have a portable charger and those who wish they did. Regardless if you need to use one for work or pleasure, a portable charger can save you time (and possibly embarrassment) by making sure your device is always on-hand and charged. Many chargers feature multiple ports so you can charge several devices at once, making them useful for business trips and vacations alike. And because most chargers come with different cables depending on what device you own, it’s easy to use them internationally.

4) Instant Translator

Translating at restaurants and hotels is usually a pain, but with a pocket translator you can quickly and easily translate entire sentences. Additionally, many devices work offline so there’s no need to find an internet connection in order to translate words and phrases.

5) Document Organiser

It’s no secret that a neat desk makes for a productive worker, but clean clutter can also make it much easier to find documents, receipts, and other items you need. That’s where a document organiser comes in. Simply put, it helps keep important papers from piling up on your desk or in a folder with everything else—and allows you to keep everything in order.

6) Fitness tracker and activity watch

If you want to lose weight or stay in shape, look for a watch or fitness tracker with GPS and heart rate sensors. These wearables track how active you are throughout your day and let you measure how many calories you burn at any given time. You can also use them to track how much sleep you’re getting each night, which helps ensure that you’re getting enough rest to be in good shape. Some fitness trackers monitor even more than just exercise: they alert users if their blood pressure is too high or if they need vaccination against flu, whooping cough, etc. If they don’t have one of these features built-in, look for watches and other wearables that have an app so it can be added later.

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