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How wireless technology is changing business

It’s been said a million times before, if not more, but technology has revolutionised our lives in ways we never expected. From the home to the office, there’s no corner of our day-to-day lives that hasn’t been affected by the technological boom.

The office, in particular, has seen such dramatic changes thanks the improved LAN and WAN services over the last twenty years, allowing our offices to run smoothly, efficiently, and wirelessly.

Wireless technology changes every year too, and it’ll continue to change for as long as we can see. Below, we take a look at a few ways wireless tech has changed businesses so far.

An Always Connected Workforce

If there’s one way that wireless technology has changed the way we work, it’s that everyone is now connected, pretty much all the time. Previously, if someone called the office for you but you were out or on the way to a meeting, they’d have to wait to get hold of you. Thanks to mobile phones they can now call you at all times.

But, thanks to smart phones, tablets and laptops, it means that you can email and work on the go too, ensuring nothing important is ever missed.

Quicker Responses

This connected workforce has also given rise to much quicker responses. As mentioned, there’s no worry now about having to wait for a call back, or even the worry of having to wait days for an email response.

With the rise of social media, businesses have also changed to include this. It’s a huge marketing and customer service tool now. Due to this and smartphones, any customer questions can be dealt with quickly, alongside any crisis’s that could arise – it’s particularly great for PR companies.

Improves Productivity

Of course, this may seem obvious as the workforce is always connected – but it doesn’t enhance productivity just because workers can constantly see their work.

Previously, the 9 – 5 meant that workers had a strict set of hours within an office to do their work. Now that everything is wireless, it opens up the possibility of flexible working. Meaning employees can work from home, which can help increase productivity, while also choosing the hours they work, which is great if they can’t always get in on time due to traffic etc.

With wireless tech already having a significant impact on the way we operate in the workplace, it’ll be very interesting to see just how much this all changes in the coming years.

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