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7 Types of cameras you must have

Types of cameras
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Buying a new digital camera can feel overwhelming. There are just so many cameras from which to choose. The variety of options can leave a new photographer or an experienced professional wondering which camera to choose. If you’re in the market for a new camera, here are seven types to consider.

The typical compact camera has a basic zoom lens and a built-in flash. The fancier models may have an LCD screen that makes it easier to view the scene. Some even have settings that you can adjust. But since it’s a simple compact camera, you won’t find many advanced options. The ability to use a variety of lenses is sometimes possible as well.

Note that the sensor on a compact camera is generally small. This means you can get good photos, but probably not professional quality. Still, a compact camera is a good first camera or extra camera to have around for simple photos.

The word “advanced” shouldn’t scare you away. It simply means the camera has more settings than the typical compact camera. Most models will have manual focusing and manual exposure. Instead of the camera doing it all, it’s your responsibility to choose the best settings. You’ll also have the ability to take high-resolution pictures much better than you’d get from an iPhone or regular compact camera.

Digital Single Lens Reflex aka DSLRs

DSLR cameras are popular with professional and amateur photographers. This camera is heavier and larger than a compact camera, but it allows for more advanced photography.

The DSLR camera uses a system consisting of a prism and a mirror. The function and design are similar to what you’d find in a traditional film camera. If you’ve ever used a 35mm camera, then the digital DSLR will feel familiar.

A full-frame sensor is usually available on the more expensive models. But the less expensive models usually have a cropped sensor. The cropped sensor is less expensive to make, which makes the camera affordable for a variety of budgets.

Another benefit is the DSLR offers interchangeable lenses. But the lenses you use should come from the camera’s manufacturer. For example, you’d use a Nikon lens on a Nikon camera. Keep in mind the results you get from the lens will depend on whether you have a full-frame sensor or a cropped sensor. Lens quality varies as well. Professional lenses generally perform better than lenses for amateur photographers.

Action Camera

Action cameras are receiving more attention thanks to the rise of travel and adventure vlogging. Adventurers, travellers, and daredevils need cameras that can capture good photos. But they also need cameras that can withstand more abuse than a typical camera. If you take photos in all sorts of locations, then an action camera is worth considering.

An action camera is similar to a compact camera. It’s small, lightweight, and easily fits into most travel bags. The difference is that an action camera can take a lot of abuse. The lens is enclosed in a glass covering, so it can take bumps without getting broken or scratched. The camera is also shockproof and waterproof. An action camera is small, but the resolution is usually decent enough for amateur photos.

Mirrorless Camera

Compact mirrorless cameras are relatively new in the photography world. Epson released the first mirrorless model in 2004. Since then, more photographers have become interested in this type of camera.

The mirrorless camera offers many of the same features offered by most DSLR models. They’re also small and lightweight like other compact cameras. But the mirrorless camera costs less than your typical DSLR. One reason for the smaller price tag is the lack of a mirror.

The camera doesn’t use a mirror to reflect light onto the sensor. Instead, the light coming into the lens goes directly to the sensor. The information is then captured on the LCD. There’s nothing not to like about the mirrorless camera. They offer high resolution, video, and some also have WiFi. That means you can control the camera from a distance.

Modern-Day Instant Camera

Digital cameras are great, but sometimes you just want something simple. That’s one reason why instant cameras are experiencing a resurgence. There’s something fun about taking photos and having it in your hands almost instantly.

The instant camera is popular at events like birthday parties, graduations, and weddings. You can snap a few photos and easily share them with friends and family. For example, instead of waiting for your friend’s wedding photos, you can take your own and share them on the spot. The fact that you don’t need a printer is a big convenience as well. The instant camera isn’t as fancy as a digital model, but it has its purposes.

Choosing a Camera

You have several options when it comes to choosing a camera. Things such as features and price will affect your decision. But if you take the time to research different models, you’ll certainly find the best camera for your situation. If you need photographs but are still unsure about your next camera, contact Porfyri Commercial Photography.

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