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Why business owners should collaborate with still life photographers

Businesses are constantly striving to improve their profit margin. Because of this, they are constantly investing in their marketing and branding in an attempt to boost growth.

Still life photography plays an extremely important role in encouraging people to invest in products and services. Your customers are more likely to remember photos of your products than any information that you give out to them. Businesses that do not spend on their still life photography may observe stagnancy and could lose potential business.

When a client approaches a business, the photographs will weave a strong impression on his/her mind. The impression needs to be profound to encourage business in the long and short term. While your social marketing, branding, customer service, products and services have a strong impact on the success of your business, having high quality photographs can further strengthen your marketing strategy.

Investing in a professional still life photographer may seem like a massive investment to begin with, however, it can be a strategic bargain that can help your business embrace new growth. Thankfully, there are many affordable still life photographers you can negotiate with. After doing some research into the best still life photographers I found Howlett Photography who have done photography for some of the biggest brands, including Rolex! You can easily get a quote online from photographers like Howlett before committing to any deal that’s out of your budget.

Here are a few reasons why you should collaborate with a still life photographer:

  • A Picture Has a Strong Impact On Your Customers

You will have heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” time and time again. In the literal context, they are worth a lot more. Pictures help you to give a visual demonstration to your clients about the type of services or products you offer. Today, clients want to experience and see things before they make an investment. As online shopping has risen significantly in popularity, the importance of digital assets such as photographs and videos has increased exponentially.

  • Your Media Is Your Identity

Some businesses may not want to invest in professional photography due to budget constraints. This forces them to take photographs on their own. If you are one of those who compromise on photography due to limited finances, keep in mind your photographs are a representation of your business.

By using low quality photographs, you give your audience a perception that your organisation is cheap and subpar. Thereby, your photographs and website design plays an important role in making a superior impact on your clients. Your still life images will become a reflection of the sort of products you offer, building long term and sustainable relationships.

  • Images Improve Your Search Visibility

Today, businesses that have an online presence optimise their website in order to rank higher on search engines. Content is used to endorse a product or service and improve search rankings. Similarly, images can also be used for SEO.

If your photographs are optimised then your chances of having high search rankings will improve.

  • Strengthens Relationships With Customers

When clients approach you, they want to know your business inside out. If you are one of those businesses that uses stock images, you will not be able to attract such clients. Professional still life photography will help prospects and clients get to know your business and products better.

When a visitor browses your website or social media profiles, they want to know who you are immediately. If you are using images that do not resemble what you’re offering, your clients are likely to get a false impression.

Therefore, the best way businesses can maximise their reach and sales is by using high quality still life images for all their products.



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