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7 ways to make house cleaning fun!

A ritual of putting things away, vacuuming, dusting, shining, and scrubbing is not how most people want to spend their spare time. However, as difficult these chores might look like it is extremely important to keep your house clean at all times. This is important for maintaining both mental and physical health. A clean home is like heaven where everyone wants to go, spend time in, chill, or even work. Yeah, a clean and tidy work environment is extremely important for employees’ productivity, performance and well-being. If you have an office space inside your house then you should take care of it too. Most offices tend to get grubby so regular cleaning is essential. You probably have lots of business partners or customers coming and going, dropping by, etc.

But how to motivate someone to clean the home or office space when we all know that doing housework is often boring? And when something is boring it’s dragging on. Well, we need to make it fun, don’t we?

1. Music Makes Repetitive Tasks More Pleasurable

Friedrich Nietzsche used to say that “Without music, life would be a mistake.” This is why music has played a significant role in our most memorable life events. We are surrounded by it, we live with it, and it seems like we can’t live without it anymore. And it is not only about memories. Music influences our mental performance and ability to get things done.

When you listen to music, you enjoy every beat. The brain releases dopamine which makes you feel good and it reduces all the stress and anxiety and improves concentration. However, this only works when we listen to familiar music. The unfamiliar music will make you lose focus because you have to adjust to the new sound.

2. Look at it As an Exercise

You are standing, squatting, walking, climbing, reaching, and constantly moving while cleaning. Just turn on a pedometer and count how many steps you make while cleaning. You will see that cleaning your house can be an amazing exercise. It will make you do a bit of cardio and also incorporate resistance training and interval training.

3. Gaming has Always Been Fun

You can also try to make cleaning look like a game. I mean, games help us tap into all the positive emotions like curiosity, creativity, and optimism. With cleaning, you can set a score for each task. Cleaning a TV 3 points, vacuuming 10 points, dishwashing 15 points, etc.

4. Time Trial

Set up your stopwatch and see how fast you can complete certain areas of the house. The thing is, we are all (almost everyone) very lazy and only a minute of rest will be enough to stretch it out and fun goes away immediately. This is why you need to set a specific time for each room and try to break records every single time you clean.

5. Kids Could Help

Believe it or not, cleaning is very different when kids are involved. They can think of some very interesting ways to get things done and they can also become very creative when finishing certain tasks. It will take some time to convince them to move their… bodies, but when you do convince them they will make everything a lot easier. You will have fun while cleaning and give your children a sense of responsibility.

6. Give Yourself a Well-Earned Reward

Whenever you don’t like doing something and you are not motivated enough to even start cleaning, you can try setting a reward for yourself. This can be ice cream or a movie you’ve been waiting for.

7. Dance!

Just like music or workouts at the gym, dance has a similar stress-relieving property that is especially useful during this particular time of this year. The scientific reason why dance can act as a stress reliever comes from the idea that when the body feels good, the mind follows.

You can use your broom as a microphone, vacuum cleaner as a partner, and so on.

The bottom line is that you need to enjoy what you are doing to be successful in it. That is one of the greatest lessons in life. Nothing good ever happens and nothing good can happen when you are doing tasks and jobs that you hate.

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