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How often do we need to wash curtains, rugs and sofas?

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In addition to worrying about cleaning clothing or bed, table and bath items, items that include the decoration of houses and apartments also need special care. In this case, curtains, rugs, pillows and sofas should be washed periodically, thus preventing the fabric from yellowing. The accumulation of dust and other types of dirt, can bring problems to the health of residents. With that in mind, we give tips on how often such items need to be cleaned.  

Anyway, in many cases professional carpet cleaning services like carpet cleaning London are needed, especially when we have to clean carpets with easily damaged materials. Not only that, professional services will ensure that after cleaning no annoying odours are left behind, thus, comfort can be maintained. Careless cleaning only makes our carpets not clean completely. We may still be able to find some stains left. We haven’t talked about annoying smells yet!

In the case of sofa covers, for example, the basic recommendation is to wash them at least twice a year. But if the residence has pets and children, or is a place that has intense accumulation of dust. The frequency should be increased to once a month. The same goes for the pillow covers, which help to compose the decoration of the room. In addition to washing such items, we also advise that the windows be opened daily, letting the sun in and making the environment airy.

Another essential decoration item that deserves attention is the curtains. The fundamental thing is to carry out the washing every three months if it is a place that has a lot of pollution. Otherwise, twice a year is enough to clean the part. What many do not know is that some curtains are weakened by artificial or natural light, causing the fabric to yellow. That way, the right thing is to wash them at a higher frequency. To store them, opt for TNT bags and avoid plastic bags, which do not let the fibres breathe.

About carpets, care must be redoubled, even more, so if residents are not in the habit of removing their shoes when they arrive from the street. This is because this type of piece accumulates a considerable number of fungi and bacteria, as it is a place where people constantly step on. In addition, washing should be carried out taking into account the type of material the rug is made of.

The heaviest ones, for example, can be washed twice a year, through different procedures that vary according to the composition. The lighter ones, usually placed in bathrooms or the kitchen, should be cleaned monthly. This is to prevent the spread of diseases and promote cleaning of the environment in its entirety. Regular carpet cleaning, especially by a professional cleaning service like carpet cleaning Acton. This will ensure that your carpets are always in “healthy condition”. Hopefully, this short article provided valuable information. Thanks for reading.

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