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8 Common Dental Treatment Procedures: Qualities of a Good Practice

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Dental health is essential, as you cannot leave your health and your family to chance or any dental practice. To choose the best family dentist, you must look for the best dentists around you. A visit to the dentist can be scary and intimidating to some people. However, there has been an increase in dental treatments available to people. Below are some of the most common procedures- all of which are offered by Dentakay Dental Clinic.

1.   Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening involves bleaching your teeth to a brighter colour. This is one of the most common reasons why people visit the dentist. It’s a relatively straightforward procedure that most dental clinics offer. You can even use home whitening kits, which require much time and effort. Therefore, it is easier when performed by a professional dentist as they use a special whitening agent and a bright light to brighten teeth.

2.   Extraction

You may need extraction for gum disease, tooth damage, or other reasons. Tooth extractions are painful, no doubt. However, the dentist could provide anaesthesia to dull the pain so you would feel comfortable. After the procedure, you may end up sore afterwards.

3.   Teeth Cleaning

Dentists recommend teeth cleaning every six months or once a year. Teeth cleaning helps your oral health. Toothbrushes can do only so much cleaning for you, and a dentist’s tools are more effective in removing piled-up dirt on the teeth.

4.    Veneers Installation

Veneers are thin shells for damaged, stained, or crooked teeth. They are mainly used for corrective purposes and whitening. The process is seamless but could be expensive.

5.   Dental crowns

A crown is an excellent alternative for decayed teeth or large cavities. For their installation, a patient would have to visit the dentist twice. The first visit or initial consultation is to take X-rays of the mouth for instant crown design. The second visit is for fittings to ensure they fit into the gum properly. Typically, the procedure goes quickly and painlessly.

6.   Fillings

Too much intake of sugars and acids in food can cause a breakdown of the tooth enamel. This often leads to cavities that trap food debris. It might get more complicated if untreated. The best part is that they can be covered with fillings. The process is painless and lasts around an hour.

7.   Braces

Tooth alignment issues can be resolved using dental braces. Braces are mostly made of metal or some other material and are left for several months to years to tighten teeth back in position slowly. They may be initially uncomfortable, but you become used to them with time.

8.   Root canal

A root canal is the best remedy when under or inside your tooth is infected or inflamed. However, it’s also dreaded by most patients because of its pain. The dentist would have to deaden the nerve and remove the infected tissue to eliminate the pain from the inflamed gum tissue.

Because of the pain, anaesthesia is recommended to eliminate any discomfort. You must also take an antibiotic after the procedure to prevent bacterial infection. 

Qualities to Look Out for in a Dental Practice

With the increasing number of dentists offering professional dental treatments for people, you must choose the proper dental practice for you and your family. Below are some of the essential qualities of good dental practice.

1.   Skills and Experience of Dentists

When looking for a dental practice to visit, the skills and experience of the dentists are critical. It would help to look for a dentist with an excellent educational background. Check out their training, years of service, and success stories.

In addition, a good dentist can attend to the individual uniqueness of each case. That is, they can assess each patient’s case. Another question is whether they use the latest technology to solve dental problems and if they have an experienced and well-equipped dental staff.

2.   Availability and Response Rate

Of course, most businesses have working hours, days, and times of availability. However, you want a dentist to accommodate you when you need their service/help.

Do they respond to calls or messages immediately? Do they attend to dental emergencies on time?

These are questions to ask yourself as you choose a dental practice for dental needs.

3.   Service Integrity

Just like businesses, dental practices have values and principles that guide them. Beyond what is on their board, you should be able to see their integrity in their service delivery. A good dental practice is honest and lives up to its promise. They see a patient as not just someone who will help rake in profits but as somebody who has needs and needs solutions to their problem.

4.   Affordable Rates

Dental procedures are increasingly becoming expensive. Added to this is that most people perceive a dentist visit as costly.

An excellent dental practice should be able to make its services available and affordable so people can get dental care. A great way is to have in-house payment plans and accept all kinds of insurance so patients can pay for treatments over a period.

Of course, having a budget is excellent, so go through several dentists and opt for what is affordable.

5.   Relationship builder

If you want a family dentist, you want someone who provides the best care and treatment. This is a criterion for choosing a long-term dentist for yourself and your family. A dentist/dental practice that has values and nurtures relationships, and has your best interest at heart.

Do they explain procedures and treatments, so you understand better? Do they offer adjustments when you have budget concerns? Do they check and follow up on you after your treatment or procedure?

A good dental practitioner will genuinely interest you and want you to return, so look out for this quality.

Bottom line

Many people are interested in treatments and procedures for their oral health. However, choosing the proper dental practice for oral health is very important. Look out for the right qualities to have an excellent dental experience.

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