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A Beginner’s Guide To Mobile SEO

 A recent study revealed that approximately 4.66 billion people from all over the world are using the internet in 2021. This means that about 60 percent of the entire world population is using the internet and the numbers are expected to rise. An interesting statistic you need to remember is that nearly 92.6 percent of internet users browse the internet through their mobile devices. This is why it is important for businesses to focus on mobile SEO too.

The above stats make it clear that mobile devices are playing a huge role when it comes to digital content consumption. This means that a large percent of our customers will be visiting your business website through mobile devices. So, you will need to ensure a fine and engaging experience on mobile devices too. If you are not familiar with the concept of mobile SEO, do not worry because we are here to help.

What Is Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO can be defined as the technique of optimizing websites for users who are accessing the internet through a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices. In simple words, it is the process of optimizing websites to ensure that they function flawlessly and look great on mobile devices too. You will be able to gain a better rank on search engines by optimizing your business website for mobile devices.

It is important to note that mobile SEO can have a huge impact on your business. So, make sure to focus on this aspect too when developing a digital marketing plan. Expert companies like 2T-Digital who have worked on different link building and content marketing requirements can help you devise an excellent online marketing strategy for your business.

The Importance Of Mobile SEO

Several business owners especially the ones who are new to the world of mobile SEO often ask what makes mobile SEO so important. The search engine giant, Google has made it clear that they will be rewarding websites that meet mobile-friendly standards. Google had rolled out their first mobile-first indexing approximately 3 years ago. Due to this, a web page’s mobile version will be used for ranking and indexing to ensure mobile users find exactly what they are looking for.

However, Google did mention that mobile-friendly indexing will not have any direct impact on how content will be ranked. That said, Google added that indexing contents in this way may help mobile-friendly websites to perform better and acquire higher ranks on the search results page of Google.

How To Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices

Some individuals may not even know whether their business website is optimized for mobile devices or not. If that’s the case, you will need to use a tool and check this. If you don’t have any idea on how to check if your website is mobile-friendly or not, it is best to reach out to an expert digital marketing agency. If your website is not optimized, here are a few tips to make your business website mobile-friendly.

Tips To Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices

Page speed is one of the important factors that will impact the ranking of your website on search engines. If the page speed of your website is not that good, then you will fail to offer an engaging experience to website visitors. This may prompt them to immediately leave your website, which will increase the bounce rate.

In some cases, website visitors who are not satisfied with the experience offered by a website may decide not to revisit it. So, make sure to boost the speed of your website because it will help you ensure a better website visiting experience for customers.

Most websites contain forms that encourage visitors to enter their name, email id, phone number, or other information. You need to put in extra efforts and ensure that the forms are user-friendly with minimum fields so that users can easily fill it. Finally, you should also make the phone numbers on your website clickable so that users can easily get in touch with your business.

Final Thoughts

More than 65 percent of Google searches are through mobile devices, which means that it is integral for businesses to focus on mobile SEO. Businesses that fail to optimize their website for mobile devices risk losing several customers and they may even struggle to grow in today’s competitive market.

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