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A quick guide to Thailands romantic and exotic adventures

Thailand is a jewel of South-Eastern Asia. There’s no better country in the whole of Indochina to offer such great tourist service at the same time being incredibly beautiful. Thailand is an exotic wonder that you won’t be able to forget. But where to go and what to do? There are so many wonderful places to visit and spectacular activities to enjoy. Read the following guide to Thailand’s most interesting places and activities that are difficult to ignore. And after that start planning your romantic Thailand holidays.


A wise advice for you: exploring a country always start with its capital. Bangkok is a capital city of Thailand. It will appear before you in all its magnificent glory. Bangkok is driving with energy. Try visiting as many temples as you can because there are beyond being just beautiful. Take, for example, lying Buddha temple with the biggest lying Buddha statue in the world. And this big statue is placed indoors. This temple will surely leave you speechless. Head to Chinatown or explore Khao San Road, the place where all the fun happens. Don’t forget to enjoy Thai massage because the best massage in the world is done in Thailand. Head to Chinatown and visit some of its markets. Then, ride a boat or a ferry, visit city centre’s park, and taste national Thai cuisine. Try pad thai which is noodles with vegetables, egg, and chicken.   


Urge your partner to visit Phuket. It is an exotic island big enough to offer a lot of exciting activities. Phuket is among the most romantic getaways Thailand has for you. You can do a lot of things while on Phuket. First of all, get ready for a proper and care-free beach relaxation. Exotic beaches with great sunsets and crystal clear water on Phuket are unforgettable. Phuket is a great choice for a Thailand honeymoon. You can do snorkelling, diving, and surfing. Rent a boat and go to the neighbouring islands to see diverse and beautiful natural attractions. For partying head to the central beaches that have a lot of nightclubs with music on 24/7. Some of the best hotels in Thailand are situated on Phuket. Or, you can rent a cabin on the beach. Local flora and fauna on Phuket can also be quite interesting if you pay attention.


Samui is also an island but on a different sea. Samui is a great spot for a romantic getaway. That is because you can do a lot of different interesting things on Samui. Like, for example, paragliding or hiking. The island has a lot of activities that many tourists enjoy. The water in the sea is crystal pure the same as on Phuket. You can see a lot of colourful fish. Samui has a lot of yoga classes and party nights. Many youngsters come to Samui to meditate, rest, relax, and reach the state of peacefulness and tranquillity. But for those who’d like to dive into dynamic and energetic nightlife Samui has grand dance floors and party grounds.    

Fruits, Sun, and Fun

Visiting the most romantic place in Thailand of your choice, make sure to have a good tan, eat a lot of exotic fruits, and have fun with the people around you. Thai people are very friendly and hospitable. The service in Thailand is excellent, the best you can get in South-Eastern Asia. Choose one of the many Thailand romantic resorts to rest properly because you deserve it.

Thailand is a great country that has many wonderful sightseeing attractions. You will definitely fall in love with Thailand once get to know it better. Go today to escape from your routine and dive in the atmosphere of tropical relaxation. Visit Phuket, Bangkok, and Samui and explore Siamese culture in all grandeur.

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