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Begin Your Next Vacation from Melbourne

Most of the usual activities and way of life in Victoria like the rest of Australia and the world continue to be negatively impacted by the novel COVID-19. The Coronavirus infections are still on the rise.

While it does not appear that the state of Victoria is flattening the COVID-19 curve anytime soon, still how long that takes depends on the behaviour of the people. Australians adhering to the existing safety measures such as getting tested, social distancing and staying at home when ailing can significantly help in easing restrictions and finally eliminating the epidemic.

But before the resumption of the normal way of life in the country, you have plenty of time to plan for your next vacation destination for alleviating the fatigue from lockdown and restrictions.


Melbourne is an Australian city known to be culturally diverse, internationally recognized for its attractions and welcoming to tourists. Considered as Australia’s coffee capital, Melbourne is one of the top cities globally conducive for living and has exceptional attractions and facilities. The city has street art, leafy parks, world-class sea passenger terminals, entertainment and eating joints, and much more.

Subsequently, below are some of the leading attractions of Melbourne.

Great Ocean Road

When you visit Melbourne you have the chance to use the Great Ocean Road which is considered one of the top scenic coastal drives throughout the world. The length of the iconic and heritage-listed drive is about 243 Kilometers, starting from Torquay to Port Fairy. Torquay is considered as the world’s surfing capital while Port Fairy serves as a famous fishing village.

Through the road trip you will get to experience an expansive coastline, exquisite surfing beaches, stunningly dense rainforests and mouth-watering seafood. Likewise you may have an opportunity to spot kangaroos, Australia’s most famous animal, and koalas.

Yarra Valley

This particular expansive valley is home to excellent wine companies such as the one producing Chardonnay. It’s also possible to observe the lush greenery of the valley from above using a hot air balloon, go fishing, see the sights, and birding.

Melbourne Zoo

The zoo is home to over 300 native Australian animal species. The Melbourne Zoo is categorized under different bioclimatic zones. For instance the zone for the Asian tropical forest provides habitat to tigers and otters.

Luna Park

As the oldest theme park in the city, Luna Park was built more than 100 years ago. The park is a leading attraction in Melbourne for tourists and local families who love enjoying exhilarating rides.

In the park you can host an event such as a marriage ceremony, party, and an engagement.

Eureka Tower

This archetypal Melbourne tower was named in honour of the Eureka Rebellion of 1854. The Victorian rebellion was carried out by gold miners in revolting against the colonialism perpetrated by the United Kingdom.

The gold-plated structure is about 975 ft. tall and is adjacent to the Yarra River. Apart from its history, most tourists visit the Eureka Tower owing to the panoramic view it offers. The tower remains as the third biggest in Australia.

South Melbourne Market

Also referred to as the local village market, this particular market is a historic landmark in the city. Tourists from all over the world and locals like going to the market to buy different locally made products and foodstuffs including furniture and fresh fruits.

In addition the market provides visitors with an opportunity to taste fresh local food through its eating joints.

Because of all that Melbourne offers it provides the perfect place for starting your destination. There are numerous cruises from Melbourne and with each year that number keeps increasing. The Station Pier can be accessed easily using a taxi, tram and the bus service.

Most Melbourne cruises go to Tasmania, New Zealand, and the coast of Australia. Tasmania is an Australian Island State ranked as the 26th largest globally. The island has so much to offer to visitors including an array of wildlife, tranquil lakes, thick forests and roaring waterfalls.

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