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New Infographic Unveils the Popularity of London’s Underground Stations and its Key to Movie Stardom

The UK underground is quite a setting you want in your movie production. It makes for great viewing and screen excitement when fans see some of these known tube stations become centre stage in the biggest blockbuster movies.

These are moments that not only bring the audience before the scene merely to sync with the storyline but also viewers can ordinarily relate and it gives a glimpse of the UK cultural scenes brought to screen. One ingenious inspiration for filmmakers is the UK underground and with the right video production company in London, you gain a real sense of authenticity when shooting different projects.

We discuss why London is a prime filming location for the entertainment industry, as well as highlight some of the most popular UK stations that had vital scenes filmed at as shown on an infographic that can be seen at idealinsight.co.uk/blog/silver-screen-stations/

London’s iconic underground railway network is a prestigious filming location and one that is often in high demand. Each station and local area settings provide something unique for every film or tv production across a variety of genres.

In essence, the location is actually a core character and key component of a production’s storyline and Transport for London always frequently receives filming requests.

Due to its international recognition, there are always certain restrictions on filming to protect the brand and authenticity of Transport for London. The scripts have to be approved and no scenes containing elements of vandalism, passenger assaults, fare evasion or suicides can occur.

Kate Reston, the Manager of Transport for London’s Film Office has said “ You never see an airline put their name to a plane disaster movie. It’s our brand, it’s our company – and so if we are going to lend that out to a production company then we’ll have some say on what people can film”.

Established Underground Filming Stations

Kings Cross Station

Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone is such an iconic movie and one that set the pathway for the Harry Potter franchise becoming extremely popular. The film also introduced one of the most iconic locations in the franchise which is platform 9 ¾ at King Cross station.

In the film, this platform provided the transition of young magicians being able to gain access to attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

At Kings Cross station, there is even now recreation of the magical barrier of where the platform was supposed to be, and this has now brought tourists from all over the world to visit this attraction.

Aldwych Station

Aldwych station is home to the crew and casts of the sixth instalment of Fast & Furious 6. The movie is moved from its conventional space in the United States to the welcoming undergrounds of London.

Unfortunately, the vehicles could not make it into the underground, but the cast and crew do not miss the opportunity of exploring the UK’s attention-winning production with platform shots filmed at Aldwych station.

V for Vendetta, a 2005 film starring Natalie Portman, contains scenes filmed at Aldwych station. As Natalie gets on the train, explosives are detonated. With the station no longer in use, it provides the perfect setting for being able to set explosives off away from the public.

Canary Wharf

Love Actually, released in 2003 in the UK, is widely thought of as a London film. The scenery and other characteristics contribute significantly to the effectiveness of the location, which your production team could well leverage during his next production. Canary Wharf comes into play when Jamie, played by Colin Firth, is hastily trying to complete Christmas shopping at the very last minute.

A second film that used Canary Wharf, but the only one on the list that wasn’t aiming for a tube station – Rogue One. Rogue One has its grip of a UK underground as the second movie on this list. Getting to the end, we see Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor and K-2SO come through a futuristic platform from hoards of stormtroopers. CGI has contributed to bringing a futuristic touch to this movie.

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