Creating value through the marketing mix
An Aldi case study

Page 1: Introduction

In increasingly competitive markets, consumers have a greater choice over where they buy their goods and services. For an organisation to meet its business objectives, it has to find out what consumers require and then identify the best way in which it can satisfy these needs and wants. Creating a competitive advantage can be difficult. A unique marketing strategy with clear objectives is vital to...
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Page 2: The marketing mix

The Chartered Institute of Marketing describes the term marketing as the process: ‘Responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying consumers requirements profitably.' This places consumers at the heart of every organisation. The marketing mix is often referred to as the four Ps. It involves creating a unique blend of the right product, sold at the right price, in the right...
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Page 3: Balancing the mix

Organisations need a balanced marketing mix to meet the needs of its customers. Aldi’s focus is on offering the best possible quality products at the lowest possible prices. Every buyer for Aldi, from fresh fruit and vegetables to meats and electronics, is an expert in their field. They look for products from around the world. This enables them to get the finest quality products that Aldi...
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Page 4: Above-the-line promotion

For Aldi to achieve its objective of increasing its market share, it had to ensure its promotional activity demonstrated the balance of its marketing mix. For example, to increase customer loyalty it had to communicate its key quality and value messages. Promotion helps to: increase awareness and improve brand recognition increase demand for products improve brand image highlight the...
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Page 5: Below-the-line promotion

Below-the-line promotion uses different ways to engage with customers. These methods can be more easily targeted to specific audiences than above-the-line methods. They offer organisations a greater level of control over their communications. Aldi uses a range of below-the-line methods. These include: social media targeted e-mails to customers 3rd party endorsement and awards public relations and...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Aldi has a distinct approach to retailing that has given it a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. Aldi’s unique balance of the marketing mix enables it to provide high quality, own branded products at the lowest possible price. Aldi’s innovative ‘Like Brands’ and ‘Swap & Save’ marketing campaigns are improving brand perceptions. They are aiding...
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