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Amazon AWS associate cloud certifications: Which one is right for you?

The world’s leading enterprises use the AWS platform in running their software frameworks, and more and more companies keep migrating to it every day. This has necessitated the need for competent professionals who can provide solutions within this cloud platform as well as ensure the designing, deploying, and managing of its applications are carried out effectively.


To fulfill this demand in such competent specialists, AWS as a market leader in cloud computing has developed training and certifications for anyone who wishes to professionally use their platform and services. The credentials are designed for individuals with different IT experience, and this post is dedicated to associate-level options. You will be learning about the three different badges in this category and receive guidance to help you choose the right one for you. Now, so as to better understand the accreditation process, let’s have a look at the whole AWS certification path.

AWS Certification System Overview

AWS offers 12 different credentials. Six of them relate to Foundational, Associate, and Professional level while the other six belong to the Speciality category. Foundational badges require candidates to have basic knowledge of the sphere and a minimum of six months working with the AWS cloud. The associate-level certifications target specialists with a comprehensive experience of one year in solving industry problems as well as implementing solutions within the AWS surrounding. Those who desire to earn a badge at the professional level need to prove that they’ve spent at least two years managing this platform.


Since beginners are always more motivated and experts have already gained recognition, being in the middle may become the most difficult period for some individuals. So, let’s explore the associate-level credentials provided by AWS to help you get out of this professional plateau and continue climbing the ladder of success.

AWS Associate Certifications: Choosing the Right One for You

As indicated before, this category has three options. They include the AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, and AWS Certified Developer. We expound each of them below. This will help you select the path that you feel will satisfy your career needs.

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

This badge is for those who intend to work as solutions architects using the AWS cloud technologies and have a hands-on experience of not less than a year designing distributed systems that must be available, scalable, fault-tolerant, and cost-efficient.

To earn this credential, you should demonstrate your ability in architecting and deploying secure as well as robust applications. You should also be able to carry out architectural designs based on a customer’s requirements and provide implementation guidance considering the features of the projects’ life cycles.


If you are interested in this badge, there is an exam you should pass, SAA-C02 by code. You can sit for this assessment online or in a testing center. This test is delivered in multiple-choice questions, goes for 130 minutes, and will cost you $150 to register. Then, you must score at least 720/1000 points as part of the certification requirements.

According to PayScale, individuals with this AWS credential can work as development engineers, software engineers, or solutions architects, among others. These are high paying positions attracting an average salary of $113,000 per annum.

  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator associate certification targets systems administrators that have not less than one year of experience in deploying, managing, and performing operations on AWS. The systems they work with should be highly available as well as fault-tolerant.

Earning the badge means you are competent in implementing and controlling data flow and selecting the right AWS service while considering compute, data as well as security requirements. It also proves your capabilities in migrating on-premise workloads and applying the appropriate best practices for operations.

The exam you need to ace to get this credential is SOA-C01. It comprises multiple-choice questions that have to be completed in 130 minutes. Its cost is $150, and also you can take a trial assessment for $20 to ensure you are absolutely ready. Don’t forget that the passing score is quite high and is 720/1000.


Once you have your certification, you can apply to work as a systems operations administrator, cloud solutions architect, development operations engineer, etc. PayScale research shows that when being hired in these positions, you will be eligible for an average pay of $108,000 per year.

  • AWS Certified Developer Associate

Do you wish to pursue a developer career in designing applications and solving challenges on the AWS architectural platform? Then this credential is for you! Your work will be to develop, deploy, and debug cloud apps on AWS.

The certification provides a way for candidates to show their comprehension of the key AWS services, their uses as well as best practices related to architecture. It involves passing DVA-C01 test with questions presented in multiple-choice type. You will have 130 minutes to cover them and must show your understanding of the exam’s topics by getting at least 720/1000 points. To register, you need to pay a fee of $150.

After acing the assessment with high marks, you’ll get ready to work as an AWS applications developer, data engineer, or software developer, to name just a few. PayScale research states $100,000 as an average pay per annum for professionals with this certification.



So, which of the three AWS associate credentials is best for you? Your choice would depend on a number of factors. You will have to consider whether it makes you fulfilled, valued, and successful. A career that meets these three qualities is worth pursuing. Other aspects to think of are job availability, job security, and how much you would like to earn.


Still, any of these badges will prepare you for today’s leading IT job roles. And the individual salaries are also worth looking forward to! What’s more, you will be working with the most in-demand cloud platform that provides unlimited opportunities for developers, solutions architects, and systems operations administrators. So, choose one based on your preferred role and start your certification journey!

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