Creating a corporate social responsibility strategy
An Amway case study

Page 1: Introduction

Amway is one of the world's largest direct salesorganisations with over 3 million Independent Business Owners (IBOs) in over 80 markets and territories. It is a family owned company with a strong emphasis on family values. Its IBOs are mainly couples with many raising young families and therefore have a strong bond with children. These families are more than happy to be partnered with Amway, who...
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Page 2: Meeting stakeholder needs

A stakeholder is a group or individual who has an interest in the decisions made by a business. Amway's CSR strategy has been developed with the interests of stakeholders in mind. Each one of these stakeholders has particular concerns.  Amway takes corporate social responsibility seriously through its partnership with UNICEF. The two key partners in this...
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Page 3: Growth and responsibility

An understanding of how Amway operates as an organisation gives a clearer picture of the contribution it can make to helping children in need across the globe. Amway distributes a range of branded products. These products are sold by IBOs worldwide. The IBOs are self employed and are highly motivated. They work to Amway's Rules of Conduct and Code of Ethicswhich are about being honest and...
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Page 4: Developing a strategy

A strategy is an organisational plan. Implementing a strategy involves putting that plan into action. The strategy enables an organisation to turn its values into action. Strategies are designed for the whole of an organisation. Strategies are principally created by senior managers in an organisation. However, effective strategies involve discussion and communication with a range of...
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Page 5: Communicating the strategy

Good, clear communication is essential in making sure that the CSR strategy aligns with company business objectives. Communication also helps in putting the strategy into practice. A number of communications media are used: Face-to-face communication is very important. Regular meetings take place between UNICEF, Amway and its IBOs. Through meetings with UNICEF staff the leading IBOs are able...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Amway is a family business. Its IBOs are people who want to make a difference in people's lives - particularly those of children. Amway's aspirations fit closely with those of UNICEF. They are both organisations with a global reach that care about people - particularly the lives of and opportunities for children. Amway's IBOs want to be part of a socially responsible organisation because they...
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