Fuelling the digital revolution
An ARM case study

Page 1: Introduction

Today, ARM is the leading provider of 16/32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor solutions. The company and its unique partnership business model, has greatly influenced the proliferation of digital applications and ARM intellectual property is now becoming the architecture of choice in this field.The word ‘digital’ first became popular with the introduction of the ‘digital...
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Page 2: The ARM business model

Technology spreads quickly in the global economy and goods can be made in low-cost countries before being shipped to developed markets. Companies make themselves unique by being at the forefront of technology and developing products that others find hard to imitate. The source of this competitive advantage is ‘knowledge’. Today, more than ever, we live in a knowledge-based economy...
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Page 3: Meeting the challenges of the economy

With ever-increasing emphasis upon knowledge, ARM has become a business built around intellectual property. ARM’s technology provides its partners around the world with the opportunity to develop new products based upon its architecture. An ARM Powered chip is the driving force behind those products - it is ARM’s expertise that has helped bring these products to life.A key element of...
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Page 4: Partnerships

Partnership is part of the culture of ARM. Within the process of research and development, ARM is involved in joint programmes with a range of different organisations, including universities. At a micro level, individuals within the organisation have the power to champion a cause and collaborate with others to initiate change.As ideas and concepts are extended within an organisation...
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Page 5: ARM applications

ARM focuses on meeting emerging customer requirements for small, high-performance chips with lower power requirements in its key end target markets.AutomotiveARM products allow designers to integrate features at low costs. For example cars with a single airbag have a single processor plus sensor for each unit. However, as the requirements for passenger, side impact and roll-over airbags increases...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Although it is easy to think that it is just the very large companies that are transforming products or services, one stage behind many of these companies is intellectual property developed by smaller companies like ARM that have invested heavily in research. In this business environment where so much is outsourced, smaller organisations such as ARM can have an enormous influence upon the everyday...
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