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Put a Victorian school teacher into a modern classroom, with books and blackboards, and he or she would find little had changed fundamentally. However a doctor or engineer would be totally bewildered by the technological advances that have affected their professions. But the world of education is changing. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) advances have already had an enormous impact on the classroom. The next decade will see even more dramatic developments in the world of teaching. This case study looks at Capita, a company working at the forefront of the modernisation of education, helping teachers to make the most of new opportunities.  The Capita Group plc The Capita Group Plc was founded in 1984 with just two employees. It has achieved exceptional growth and is now one of the UK’s most experienced professional support services businesses. By focusing on building client relationships, Capita’s partnership approach has resulted in a 1999 turnover of £327 million. It has long term contracts to provide a whole range of services to central and local Government and across the private sector. The services outsourced include human resources management functions, pay and pensions administration, recruitment and assessment, call centre operations and finance and billing services….

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