Meeting stakeholder needs through community involvement
An Asda case study

Page 1: Introduction

The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as 'the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.' This definition shows that, in order to be successful, an organisation should find out what customers require. Knowing what they want, it should then attempt to satisfy these needs. It is this that helps business...
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Page 2: Mission, purpose and values

Managers who make decisions that affect the route of an organisation need to show those choices to others. The way in which ASDA does this is through its mission, purpose and values. These statements are designed to help stakeholders understand the direction in which the company is heading. A mission statement sets out the long-term direction of the organisation. ASDA's mission is: 'to be...
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Page 3: Stakeholders

Any individual, group or organisation that is affected by the actions of a business is a stakeholder. Internal stakeholders may be within an organisation, such as the directors, managers and colleagues who are colleagues of each other. External stakeholders exist outside an organisation and some of these will be customers, suppliers and shareholders. Each of these groups of stakeholders is...
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Page 4: ASDA´s community programme

ASDA's community programme is there to help the company meet its mission, purpose and values. The aim is to: 'differentiate ASDA from its competitors by appealing to customers and motivating colleagues'. It is an ongoing programme that is now seven years old. At its centre are the stores, depots and head office. Their actions are determined by five criteria, which...
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Page 5: Benefits to stakeholders

Under the ASDA in the Community programme, customers enjoy a whole range of advantages. Many of these gains are locally focused. Colleagues get involved in good causes and help to raise funds for them. One example is the Brake Walking Bus, a road safety charity that encourages children to walk to school safely and teaches them about road safety. ASDA helped this cause break a World Record when...
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Page 6: Conclusion

There are many different ways in which organisations can build customer loyalty. ASDA does not use a cold approach to building relationships with customers using promotions and activities. Instead it has developed a warm method that uses its values by doing positive things in the community. Market research has been done about customer insight. It has revealed that customers are aware that the...
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