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Best tips for eSports betting

When it comes to making extra money, few things are as exhilarating then sports betting. Today, the betting world has expanded to make way for the digital age. What once was just fun and games, video games to be precise, has now taken over the world. In this article, I will be giving you the low down in the thrilling and lucrative world of esports betting sites.

Let’s jump right in.

First – what is eSports?

Esports is the playing and betting platform that involves professional video game players who play as individuals or teams. Like other types of betting, observers can bet on their favourite teams and players. There are also other opportunities to bet in esports, such as outcomes and first moves, or first kills.

To bet most people choose an online platform known as esports betting sites to learn, watch, and place bets. Sites like Rivalry, offer a wide variety of the most popular video games as well as a very helpful Academy for those that are new to the world of eSports as well as people looking to learn and improve their odds.

Who are the players?

You may think that if you play video games religiously you can be a player but just like any professional sport, the entry into the esports world is very difficult. Unlike playing for pleasure, these players are expected to play for hours a day, study up on the latest tactics and strategies and be experts at their game or games of choice. Some of the requirements include:

  • Excelling at one game – Counter-Strike, DOTA, and LoL are very popular
  • Platform – PC, Playstation, and Xbox
  • Endless training and study
  • Esports Training Camps
  • Join a team or a gaming league
  • Play in tournaments online and Face-to-Face

What type of games can you bet on?

There are thousands of video games played all over the world but typically they fall in these different genres.

  1. FSP or first-person shooter
  2. Fighting Games
  3. RTS or real-time strategy
  4. Racing
  5. Sports Games
  6. MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battles

Each offers a different playing, viewing, and betting experience. MOBA tend to be highly popular because of how many people want to play and watch. The original esports were almost all fighting games but today FSP and RTS have taken over.

Some popular games include:

LoL – League of Legends

Despite the acronym, this game is no joke. This MOBA is always featured on esports betting sites as it is exciting to watch and has the largest money pools of up to 6 million USD!


FSP games are intense and thrilling to play or watch. Overwatch has a famous tournament like its very own world cup and other. The design and different levels and characters make this a very popular pick.

CS:GO Counter Strike

One of the best video games to play, CS:GO is hands down the most popular in the esports world. Like Call of Duty, is an FSP with loads of action, incredible characters, and tech elements everyone can get into.

DOTA – Defense of the Ancient

No list of esports is complete without DOTA. Esports betting sites like Rivalry feature DOTA as THE MOBA game. The goal is to take your hero and win on the battlefields with the help of hundreds of other characters.

There are many more games but these tend to be the most talked-about and enjoyed by millions of viewers who want to bet and make money.

Wrap Up

If you have heard about esports but aren’t sure how to get started, take some time to learn about the sport and players to get a better idea. Enjoy the Academy courses that walk you through everything you need to know about betting on esports and cashing in on the million-dollar pots!

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