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How big is the eSports industry in the UK

Regardless of not being included in the top ten countries known for having the biggest eSport market, the UK still has a phenomenal eSports market share on the global ranking. With the game revenue of more than USD 4.5 billion as that of 2018, the UK is fast progressing towards success.

As per the latest reports, the UK has more than four billion people watching eSports. Even though the awareness regarding eSports competitions and events is low in the UK but still four billion Britain’s watching video games is phenomenal stats. The www.betting24.dk believes that the UK has the potential and enough resources to up their game and secure a good position in the top ten biggest eSports market lists.

Viewership – Other Countries VS the UK in eSports

As per research conducted by YouGov, when it comes to eSports viewership the Britain nation lags far behind many other markets. For example, more than four in ten people in China watch eSports regularly. In the US, one in eight people watch it and in Germany, one in nine loves to watch eSports online.

Similarly, as per the stats over the past year, 76% of males watched eSports in 2018 whereas only 24% of females watched professional video gaming videos. The age bracket identified states that 35% viewers of eSports aged between 18 to 24, 37% viewers aged between 25 to 34, 21% of the eSports viewers belonged to 35 to 44 years age bracket and only 7% of the eSports viewers were in between their 45 to 54 years of age. No one above age 55 showed any interest in eSports.

Watching Game and Playing Game

As per the report, the average eSports fans belonging to the UK watched the sports for only 4 hours, whereas, average hours fans played the games instead of watching was more than 8 hours a week. This means the population of the UK loves to play video games more as compared to watch it over their tablets, smartphones or on their televisions.

The report further states that 49% of males and 48% of females play video games on their smartphones in the UK every day. Though the smartphone is the most popular option to play video games but there are many users who prefer playing games using their PCs. Nearly 38% of the males and 26% of the females play games on their personal computers.

Government Support for eSports

Initially, there was little to no support for eSports from the Britain government but since the niche has gained popularity and is able to earn massive revenue, the Britain government has established different funds that are available to every eSports gamer.


There are several renowned eSports teams who belong to the UK and are respected all over the world. The positive trends of eSports in the UK ensure a better future for the industry, where it has already started to blossom and soon it will thrive to conquer the market.

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