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What awaits Esports in the future?

Arguments about the present and the future of esports have been continuing in the community for a few years. The people’s opinion differs a lot: some believe that this is another youth trend, and other ones see potential and opportunities in this sphere. It can’t be said for sure whose position is right because esports is a fast-growing industry, which changes every day. But let’s try to imagine what awaits our favourite industry in the nearest or not nearest future.

The underground entertainment for millennials 

We will consider the first option of development to be the current level of esports. Yes, there are lots of large tournaments. Yes, esports is recognized as a sport. Yes, the esports audience amounts to millions of fans. But the industry still is not treated fully seriously. All important events are considered spectacular shows for young people but nothing more.

This position is most frequently provided by the people at the age of 30+ who don’t realize the real scale of Esports development. But it doesn’t accept that the present generation, which is fond of esports, will not change its views in the future. The scenario when people will get tired of competitive gaming and it will stop developing is possible. 

It is a pretty pessimistic option of development for esports but it can’t be excluded.

Esports is a space of opportunities for world brands

The second development vector on today’s list is esports as a market. In this case, the esports industry will become a market for big corporations and brands. Today, many brands are interested in attracting new clients due to an increased interest in games. It is reflected by regular collaborations between esports organizations and world brands.

The brightest example of this model can be the multi-gaming FaZe Clan. Due to the right marketing and media policy, the organization always involves partnerships with worldwide famous firms. The recent partnership with Kappa and Burger King. Besides, celebrities with a world name are fans of the organization. Drake and Travis Scott, Lamar Jackson, and Katie Sowers – all of them are fans of FaZe in some way.

This example of cooperation between world names and an esports organization is a reason to think about opportunities provided by esports. First of all, it is a large audience, which is ready to spend and buy.

Esports – the official sport

One of the most desirable options of development for the industry. A great number of esports fans all over the world want it to be recognized as the official sport together with football, tennis and hockey. Such a vector of development is possible. Today, many moves are made in the direction of global recognition of esports.

Asian countries are the moving forces in this option of development. Esports is at the highest level in China and Korea and esportsmen are not less popular than musicians and actors in these countries. Soon, other countries might follow the example of Asian colleagues because esports is a pretty popular and interesting show for people.

Summing up

Despite what way esports goes, one thing is clear – this is a cultural phenomenon of the 21st century, which will leave its step in history. Whatever happens in the future, the main thing is what emotions the industry brings us.

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