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The best tools for tackling Instagram in 2020

Instagram is more powerful than it’s ever been. As one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet, learning how to get an edge with how you can get your content in front of the right people to scale is a challenge. However, with the right tools, the process will not only become more streamlined but easier to manage and grow too, check the 10 Best Instagram Tools for Unrivaled Growth (2020). That’s why we’re presenting you with a few of our favourites to consider or you can buy Instagram likes Check them out below:


If you’re looking for a service that can help you get likes quickly, then ViralRace is the perfect solution. As an AI-based content aggregation platform, ViralRace enables you to get your content on Instagram shipped out to the right people fast. With a platform that’s incredibly affordable for their offerings, ViralRace also is a good chance to buy automatic Instagram likes monthly, saving you time and effort on your marketing plan. 

Check them out for their cheap pricing that you can utilize on your next drip campaign, especially if you’re looking for a big boost on a special announcement or event.

Facebook For Business

The easiest way to not only get your content out there to the masses but study who is actively engaging with you has to be Facebook For Business. While you don’t exactly want to walk into advertising doing guesswork, Facebook’s advertising platform for Instagram has a lot of rich analytics that enable you to study your audience to down a T; for example, being able to target where someone went to high school, if they went to college, the type of job they might have, and even what their job might be. As a robust platform for painting a picture of your base, Facebook For Business will help you understand your community much better, enabling you to create organic traffic from the demographical information you learned from your advertising efforts.


For a platform that enables you to create rich designs and sharp looking photos, Photoshop still reigns supreme. With a desktop and mobile version, Photoshop still can take some getting used to if you’re not familiar with all the tools, however, it is still designed to be pretty intuitive once you start picking up on the flow. Take some time to watch some tutorials on YouTube on how to get really good at Photoshop for Instagram, as it’s one of the most straightforward paths for improving your visuals tenfold.


As photography is the core of Instagram, VSCO was one of the first communities built around visuals for the platform. Packed with an active community of photo editors and design-centric individuals that all encourage each other to create amazing content, the other half of VSCO is an array of filters that all give you a great chance of making some top quality content. With incredibly affordable pricing, VSCO is a force to be reckoned with, and definitely should be towards the top of your list when it comes to making amazing works.

AR Filters

A great trend to come out this past year has been AR Filters, which have blown up in popularity. While they started out as face filters that were mainly for fun have now transformed into fully-blown quizzes, animations, and other figures too that have become one of the hottest Instagram trends out there today. As a way to get your brand out there quickly, brainstorm a few filters you think you could up with, ensuring that it’s something that people are willing to gravitate towards for the long-haul.


As a social media management tool, SproutSocial is one of the best in the business. Although more of an enterprise-level piece of software, it helps you understand your audience quite a bit, with a heavy emphasis on conversational tools that help with guiding your Instagram as a means of both engagement and customer service, they transform from there to also offering strong analytics as well. As a platform for really getting to know your audience, its price point is well worth the buy-in, especially if you’re looking for a solution that can scale.


For how popular influencer marketing has become, BuzzSumo is a top-tier tool for discovery. If you’re not familiar, BuzzSumo aggregates all the influencers you could want to hire for the niche you’re after, highlighting the potential ROI you’ll get for each. This includes average prices as well as what types of the base they have for their followers. As influencers aren’t slowing down as a major source for advertising and media dollars, expect them to continue being something to keep an eye on and integrate within your campaigns.


One of the biggest risers in Instagram marketing software over the past year, Later is a platform that helps you not only organize and look at your Instagram as a whole, as well as link out in a simple grid format that mirrors your Instagram page. What we like about the team at Later is that they have streamlined the process of putting your content on your page and study how it’s performing seamlessly, stripping out a lot of the complications and bulkiness that comes with a lot of analytics. Check them out if you’re looking for a solution a little bit more plug and play while still being innovative to new strategies and techniques to push your page further.


With a knack for being one of the most straightforward design platforms out there, Canva helps tremendously with improving your design schemes. Enabling simple click and drag motions, Canva gives you the ability to start designing new content quickly and efficiently. With a free version that’s surprisingly robust, don’t sleep on this as a solution (even if you have some design experience) as Canva has become touted as something to really help push content quickly.


As a simple, straightforward Instagram tool, Linktree enables you to be able to link out to other pages from a single link in your bio. A great necessity to keep in your toolbelt, Linktree is an affordable solution for linking out multiple links without having to build a separate webpage. One of the most delightful surprises to come from Instagram in 2019, Linktree will help your brand quite a bit in 2020, especially if you’re looking for something to link out to other social media platforms as well.

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