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Buying a Used Car: Should You Walk Away from an Extended Warranty?

So, you are looking for a used car. That’s a good idea to save money on upfront investment. But a used car often comes with so many mechanical glitches and troubles that may raise the expense with time. Therefore, a warranty can be a great solution to avoid risks. 

Used cars often come with extended warranty offers, but many buyers get confused with the idea of investing in a warranty. If you are also worried about this aspect of your investment, it is good to go through the details below. Here you will find some reliable information on whether it is good to invest in an extended warranty or you should walk away. 

When you consider an extended warranty

In most cases, experts do not recommend investing in an extended warranty while buying a used car. This is because the warranty companies are mostly there to make some profits, and they have already done their homework. It clearly means that you may end up spending a lot of amounts on warranty as compared to what you may need to cover the repair costs during the validity of this extended warranty period. 

However, few exceptions are always there. One of the prime concerns occurs when your car is very unreliable. You can avail this information by going through automotive forums, power reliability ratings, by receiving some opinions from experienced mechanics or the people who owned this car in the past. 

When your car is not rated high on reliability score, it is better to consider an extended warranty. There are two conditions that you may need to check in this case: one is to get an exclusion warranty that covers almost everything except items that are specifically excluded. These warranties generally have better chances of claim approval. Secondly, the cost of the warranty should not be prohibitive. It means the buyer need not spend a lot of amounts to protect himself from problems that will never occur in the vehicle. 

When you walk away from an extended warranty

You may find several situations where walking away from the extended warranty of a used car appears the best idea. One of the most obvious reasons is when the car is already covered under a manufacturer’s warranty. Maybe, you rarely have a plan to own the car after the expiration of the factory warranty; therefore, there is no point in investing in an extended warranty during your used car purchase. 

One more reason to avoid an extended warranty is when your car is in very good and reliable condition. After getting an opinion from experienced mechanics and by checking the documents, if you feel that the vehicle’s reliability score is really good, there is no need to spend a huge amount on an extended warranty. 

Also, it is not good to invest in inclusion warranties that cover only a few specific parts of the vehicle. It is good to check the reputation of the company that owns the car and does some research on available options in the market. It will help you to make a confident decision on whether to invest in a car warranty or not. 

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