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Can you trust your removal company?

According to Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, “all crime, in the estimate, is committed by about 15% of the population. This means that the majority of people are, in fact, law-abiding citizens, but that does not stop you locking all your doors at night and checking them twice to see if you can go to bed feeling safe and sound. This also does not stop you from safely tucking away your wallet when shopping, does it? Crime is present in almost all areas of life and there is virtually no business in the world where there aren’t any illegal activities. The removal industry is no exception.

The majority of removal companies are trustworthy, but there are those irresponsible ones because of whom you should do whatever it takes to make sure you choose the right one. The trustworthiness of the removal service should be one of the most important factors that you need to consider. If you can’t trust the removal company, then you may discover that some of your belongings are missing or damaged. 

And how should you learn if you can trust a removal company?

1. Check out their reviews

This one is the best tool for finding a trustworthy removal company. Online reviews are great for both businesses and customers. The vast majority of consumers now find the items or services they want to buy, rent or hire on the Internet. That is how you make sure you get a quality service for the right price. One of the most reliable sources for this kind of information is probably Google Reviews. Read the reviews and make your decision.

However, scammers and “fake news” writers are everywhere. This is why if there is nothing but 5-star reviews be suspicious. Nobody can resolve every customer’s entire satisfaction.

2. Check Out the Removal Company’s Website

Most good companies will have a website which you should visit and get as much info as you can about the company from it. Manandvan.org.uk is an example of a reputable company with a good website. You should see for how long the removal company has been in business, check if their license is still valid, and ask around if the removal company is using subcontractors.

3. Ask These Questions to The Company

  • What insurance cover does your removal company offer?
  • What is your company’s policy for dispute resolution?
  • Are there any additional costs that you may incur on moving day?

4. Equipment

You should ask the removal company what size of vans and lorries they have. They could send you a small vehicle and try to “Tetris fit” everything which could result in some of your stuff getting damaged. Apart from that, trying to fit everything in a small space lasts forever. And if required, you should also ask them if they supply packing boxes and if so, how many boxes will they bring.

A good removal company should also have some additional equipment like SatNav to find your place, blankets to wrap large furniture, mattress covers, etc.

5. Get Your Removal Cost in Writing

This way, you will prevent the removal company from trying to scam you. They could find reasons to hike the price on a moving day. For example, they could say that you have more items than what you quoted for or something like that.

And NEVER pay for your full removal cost upfront and in cash. If they insist that you pay that way, just walk away.

6. Never sign Blank Sheets of Paper

You should always sign directly after the last entry of each sheet.

7. How to Prevent the Removal Company’s Team from Stealing Things from You?

Keep an eye on those guys if they are packing your things. You can’t be with them the entire time, but if they know you are watching or can randomly walk into the room at any time, it will stop them. You can also ask a friend to come and just be around during the packing process. If you are packing things all by yourself, then do not write on the outside of the boxes exactly what is inside. 

You can write in codes or just write the descriptions of some cheap items and hide all the expensive items. Alternatively, you could pack all the valuable items into one box and keep that box with you while traveling to the new home.

And you can use colored packaging tape on your boxes. One-color for each room.

Bottom line is that you should check the background of any company you are trusting with your stuff or money. Take your time and check all the details that are available or be sorry when you get scammed.

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