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Can your business stand out in the crowd

Businesses are popping up here, there and everywhere these days, but do you really know the lay of the land when it comes to the country you are setting a business up within? It’s common knowledge that some parts of the world are business hubs and it’s safe to say that others are not so much, but do you really know how densely populated your country is when it comes to businesses, and whether your business has what it takes to stand out from the crowd… no matter how big or small?

When you think of business hubs around the world your mind may wander to big cities with skyscrapers and huge populations, but although you wouldn’t be wrong, there are many other countries in the world where businesses are booming and small business prices are much more attainable.


The Netherlands, Northwest Europe, maybe a small country but is not insignificant when it comes to business know-how, and can often be an attractive location to get a business started due to the country’s pro-business climate and its fiscal benefits for international companies.

Despite having a relatively small city area (33,720 km²), there are a total of 2.06 million businesses (61 per km²) creating a vivid picture of a thriving business landscape; meaning that your business must ensure that it offers something that many others cannot. Another beneficial factor for conducting your business in the Netherlands is the multilingual workforce available as the population is highly educated and 90% of the population speaks English at a fluent level.


As well as being a beautiful tourist destination, Italy can be a prime business location and is home to around 6.47 million businesses within its 290,140 km² of city area (22 businesses per km²). Again, this raises the issue of ensuring that your business has what it takes to stand out and compete with existing businesses and the hundreds of thousands of newly registered companies.

Not only does your business need its own unique selling point for customers, but also to get yourself a quality workforce as for each business in Italy there are 9.3 people and so to get the best you need to be able to offer them something that the multitude of others cannot.


Turkey is home to many businesses, 5.05 million to be precise, but due to the area its cities cover (769,630 km²), they are far less densely populated with active businesses (6.6 per km²). Turkey’s business culture is much like that of other European countries, however, the majority of the population is Turkish speaking and so may cause some linguistic difficulties in some areas. However, the country is a key trading partner with many countries in Europe, including the UK, Germany and Russia.

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