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In the world of work, the cost varies from country to country

The world of work how the cost varies
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

There are some things that every business can control but there are plenty of factors that are beyond their powers to influence. While an individual business can spot and capitalise on an economic trend if a favourable wind blows in their direction, they have little power to change the weather. That matters for all of the things that surround your business from travel to and from work right through to living costs for your employees.

Businesses with international reach will quickly realise that different countries operate in their eco-system with the prices of everything from fuel to food varying wildly.

New research from investment platform IG lays this bare showing where in the world suffers from higher costs. It shows, for example, that dining in Italy costs almost twice as much as it does in the UAE and petrol prices are almost three times as high in Italy compared to the Persian Gulf nation.

Whether you’re well into the market and online forex trading or just keen to understand the cost of the world in which your business operates, this infographic shows you how different countries compare across a broad range of different factors.

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