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Case study how casinos market their company

One of the keys to running any successful business is footfall. Even in the online world, this translates, as here it means getting as many visitors to your site as possible. In the online casino world, this means you have to not only attract but monetise visitors to generate an income from them. In a marketplace that has vast and varied competition, how does a business stand out from the competitors and survive in this hectic world? Whichcasino.com explores the way casinos market their companies in order to thrive rather than just survive.

Advertising is not just about being seen, and getting your advert in front of people it is also about the bait used to ensure that it is not something that is scrolled past, but something that is clicked on. Having a draw means that you need to see what the competition is offering and going one better, and bringing something that we call a unique selling point to the table. Now in the world of casinos, this is reasonably tricky, most casinos are going to be using a very similar format, the games on offer, the way the payouts work, it is hard to put a pin between them. So how can you stand above the rest and attract new players?

With advertising comes promotions. Humans are very much attracted to the word free, so this tends to be how online casinos advertise their services. Welcome bonuses for new players give free play in return for sign up and a predefined number or value of deposits. Some casinos have no-deposit bonus schemes which rely on the players enjoying the limited (and the case of no-deposit bonuses we are talking very limited to perhaps £10 worth) play and wanting to keep playing requiring them to make a deposit. Deposit bonuses tend to work better because on paper they look huge. Hundreds of pounds of free play can be accessed but of course, in the small print this is conditional on a deposit value, but people tend to act before thinking, and this proves more successful for casinos.

Affiliate marketing has also become big business, and in this case, the carrot is for the affiliate marketer to drive traffic to the site in return for a payout when a new customer signs up. The payout values are low but when achieved in large numbers well worth it. This means that the affiliate spends the time targeting the SEO ranking to ensure that they are driving the volume of traffic they need, effectively giving a company free, or very reduce cost, marketing and advertising. Low input offering a rise in footfall is always a move that a busy company will embrace.

Finally, the use of mobile apps has opened the door to push notifications, and advertising on other websites, which combined with email marketing creates a fairly well-spread advertising campaign that targets potential customers on many different channels using free play to generate interest.


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