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Gambling stocks with potential in 2020

There are a lot of people wanting to learn about how to invest in gambling stocks but don’t know where to start. In this article we will talk about a few of the gambling stocks that had a tough year and are looking for revenge in 2020.


LeoVegas is betting sites that are specialised in casino but also have around 10% of their revenue from sports betting. The stock that had troubles in 2018 due to slower and even negative growth. In 2019 the growth is back on track but the investors seem to not trust the company fully yet. The main markets Sweden and UK had a tough year and the struggles continue. However, in Canada, India, Denmark, Germany and a few other markets the company is doing extremely well. Today the revenue from the UK is only 16% so even if the max-bet of £2 per bet would come true it would not have that big effect as it had a few years back. The company is working hard to rank high on Google with Search Engine Optimisation and have been doing best among its competitors’ recent quarters. This should mean that the cost of acquiring customers should decrease. LeoVegas is also opening up new casino brands. We are looking forward to what new casino sites 2020 that will arrive from this quality company. Let see if this positive trend can continue going forward.

Evolution Gaming

Probably the best performing gambling stock in the past years. Evolution Gaming is a Live Casino provider. For example, Live Roulette and Live Blackjack but also other games such Live Monopoly casino. It is probably the closest that you will get to an authentic gambling experience from home. But can the company continue to grow in a fast pace? With the US marketing opening up it at least looking promising. Many argue that the evaluation of the stock is too high. But with the US opening up and that the trend is from slots to Live Casino is could be worth a shoot.


We are quite sceptical about NetEnt but the evaluation is very low these days. The company acquired the UK based company Red Tiger a couple of month ago. It could bring the revenue up. The competition is still stiff and it would be very beneficial for the company if they can get their live casino to start taking off. But it is hard to say. In the past the company has benefited largly from the concept of free spins which they invented. It means that you will get to spins the wheels at a slot without deposit any money. At CasinoViking you will find free spins with no deposit 2020 for UK customers. This stock still has a lot of risk involved and before there is a shift in the trend maybe it is better to stay away. On the positive point of view, the company still earns a lot of money and at some point the free fall in the stock market price should stop


Hopefully you enjoyed this article about gambling stocks with potential in 2020. Please be aware to always make your own analysis before making an investment. And remember this is no financial advice, all investment comes with a risk. If you are interested in reading more about different companies in other sections check out our section about companies.

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