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CBD Marketing: 8 Creative Ways to Promote Your CBD Brand

There’s no denying the fact that the CBD industry is the new rage in the global market. This rapid growth in CBD sales has consequently caused an enormous addition of new companies to the market. With such a booming arrangement, the competition intensifies, thereby compelling the sellers to be extremely innovative and enticing with their ad game.

So here we have, 8 stimulating ways to promote your CBD brand, that shall fetch you your desired results in terms of sales and marketing.

1. Influencer marketing

The kind of fan following exhibited by the social platforms is extensively huge.

Ranging from their passions, talents, knowledge to their political and societal concerns, people express themselves through various social platforms. Owing to this popularity, social media has become extremely powerful in today’s era. This is where the role of influencers come into play.

Social influencers are the people who have a massive fanbase and exert an extremely yielding influence on their followers. Considering the expansive approach of this medium, it is indeed a sought after way to rope in influencers as a marketing strategy.

Influencers make your brand visible by reviewing it and providing personal recommendations to their viewers. Furthermore, they help present fresh content to the public and also give a boost to the SEO ranking by further adding related CBD SEO keywords and CBD backlinks, etc.

Influencer marketing aims to bank upon the trust of the masses in these influencers and promote one’s brand. Such kind of marketing is worthier as it manages to reach out to a multitude of people, that too effortlessly.

These influencers can be found on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, blogs, etc.

However, it is suggested that one must try and bring in influencers who are related to the CBD industry and have a knack for promoting CBD brands. This further encourages the sales to go up.

2. Affiliate marketing

This is another form of CBD marketing that has been in practice for a long time and has forever been a regular with several brand owners.

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based strategy. It aims at incorporating affiliate marketers who further assist in promoting the brand with the help of their sites. When a customer clicks on the seller’s cannabis product on their site, it gets stored as a cookie. After being redirected to the CBD website, if the customer confirms a purchase, the SaaS platform then issues the decided commission to the affiliate marketer.

This approach is considered a win-win situation as the affiliate does the work on behalf of the brand and in turn, gets rewarded for each verified sale.

3. CBD focused blogs

You needn’t be involved in only paid methods to generate sales for your CBD brands. There are other ways too that help spur a hike in the marketing fruition. One such way of advertising is getting into blog posts that are specifically focused on CBD products. Nevertheless, blogs are a valuable source of information about the products of respective brands. They are also considered an excellent way of connecting with your target audience and leading them to your websites. With CBD-specific blogs, you can interest educated yet uninformed people who are already on the lookout for some detailed information on CBD products. These most common searches include- What are cannabis products? How are they used? What are the risks involved in consuming CBD?

4. Content syndication and guest posting

Content syndication is another widely-known form used to promote CBD brands. In this marketing policy, the content of a particular brand is republished by a third party site. Though the brand does get tagged as the original author, the content still looks like any other post on the guest site.

You can either syndicate the entire content or may try posting a shorter version, thereby encouraging SEO with backlinks directing to the main website.

This typically works when you join up with related sites or relevant community blogs. What plays the key role in this scenario is the already established stature of those community blogs, through which you get the chance to connect with a whole new arena of customers. Content syndication also provides you with opportunities to expand your network and build relations with other businesses as well.

5. Podcasts

Another technique that has recently started gaining recognition among the masses is Podcasting. Podcasts are much in vogue now, thanks to their easy access status and much more informative nature.

Podcasts allow you to create a smooth content-rich passage that lets you navigate directly towards the potential customers, thereby taking the sales scene up by a notch. With the help of podcasts, you can interact with the end-user on an exclusive level. You can share information about the relevant news or provide them with real-time feedback for your CBD products. You can also talk about the future of the industry or the laws surrounding the subject.

6. Video Advertising and live streaming

Video advertising is the most commonly used medium for marketing. YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook Live and Vimeo, are the leading names in this domain.

Video advertising is easily accessible and convenient to use for both CBD business owners as well as consumers. It has a far-reaching effect and since it is not a paid acquisition, you are free to advertise on online platforms without fearing any associated rules.

7. Local Partnerships and engagement

With this, we come to a marketing strategy that causes two businesses to collaborate and build a campaign that benefits both the parties involved. This method of advertising targets the local community and hence proves to be quite a cost-effective technique of CBD marketing. The one important thing you got to take care of is to hook up with companies that complement your CBD business and paves way for mutual growth.

8. Connected TV advertising

Connected TV (CTV) refers to a television that connects to the internet. In the age of millennials and cord-cutters, CTV has witnessed a breakthrough worldwide. Additionally, its flexible character makes it easier for CBD marketers to indulge its users, thereby strengthening the success rates.

Words of caution: As already mentioned before, social platforms have their own set of rules concerning CBD advertising. These rules are rigorous and demand strict compliance.

In such cases, it is advised to act under the guidance of a specialist who can help you navigate swiftly.

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