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5 tips for making the best CBD oil infused chocolate

Many people have heard of ‘magic brownies’ or other treats which contain cannabis, designed to make those who eat them high without having to smoke a joint; the point being to gain the perceived benefits of cannabis without the unwanted additions of the nicotine, and tar which a cigarette contains. However, this is not the only compound which can be taken from the cannabis plant and used in cooking to help people feel good, relax or relieve pain. 

The powers of CBD oil

Cannabis contains several chemical compounds. THC is the one with psycho-active qualities, so that’s what makes people ‘high’. CBD is another major chemical, but this has an entirely different effect. In recent years scientists and researchers have been sharing lots of exciting results which show how when CBD is mixed with oil and consumed it can have positive impacts on various human health problems. For more information on the powers of CBD Oil, then check out Sensei CBD.

Pain relief is one of the most well known benefits of CBD oil, but it has plenty more, including helping to manage epilepsy, anxiety, and sleep problems.

Ways CBD oil can be consumed

CBD oil is available in several formats, and is commonly taken orally in capsule form; via drops of concentrated oil placed under the tongue or added to drinks and soups; or topically through sprays and creams which have the oil mixed into them. However, it is also extremely popular as an additional ingredient when cooking.

Eatables you can make with CBD oil

For a quick fix CBD oil can be added to salad dressings and sauces, to butter before spreading it on toast or coating popcorn, or to sauté vegetables. However, it works equally well in most baked goods and sweet treats too, so when you have more time and feel like indulging yourself why not make some delicious chocolate? After all, dark chocolate is well known for its health boosting qualities, including a lower risk of having a stroke, lower blood pressure and risk of heart disease, and even a boosted blood flow.

CBD and coconut – a perfect match

Many of the CBD chocolate recipes available online feature coconut in some form, and here’s a good example if you are keen to give this a try right now. To make them you need:

75g/3 oz of coconut oil [melted]

75g/3 oz of coconut butter [melted]

75g/3 oz of cocoa 

1 tablespoon of CDB oil

I tablespoon of a natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup [optional]

To make these delicious individual chocolate treats:

  • Pop some cake cases into a shallow muffin pan with at least 6 spaces.
  • Melt the coconut OIL and then add the cocoa, whisking to get rid of any lumps.
  • If you prefer sweeter treats add your choice of sweetener to the mixture now.
  • Add the CDB oil and mix thoroughly.
  • Divide the mixture between the cake cases. You can expect to make between six and eight, depending on how deep you choose to make them.
  • Chill the tray in the fridge for around half an hour.
  • Take a break for 20-25 minutes!
  • In a clean bowl gently melt the coconut BUTTER. [It burns easily so keep the heat low.]
  • Take the tin from the fridge and act quickly to spoon a layer of the melted butter into each case before it melts the bottom layer, then return to the fridge for another thirty minutes where they will set.
  • Once set remove the chocolate treats from the tin and store in a container back in the fridge. [They also freeze well.]

5 tips on how to make the best ever CBD oil infused chocolate

#1 – Watch the heat

CBD oil is versatile, and it is thought to become even more effective if warmed, but it doesn’t do well at high temperatures, and will boil (and spoil) if it reaches 180 degrees centigrade. So be careful to keep an eye on the heat at all times, and of course take this into account when choosing a chocolate recipe.

#2 – Watch your quantities

Every chocolate recipe may well call for different amounts of CBD oil, so pay close attention to the quantities given, and don’t be tempted to add more. Over doing it can easily spoil the flavor of your chocolate. It is no problem to reduce the amount of CBD oil added if this suits your personal tastes or you are new to the product and want to take it slowly.

#3 – Choose the right oil

Some people insist only filtered or otherwise refined CBD oils are worth using when cooking or creating sweet treats, largely because the less refined versions can have a strange aftertaste; but is this a justified concern? The answer is both yes and no! Refined CBD oil can be used in pretty much any recipe, but as cheaper, less refined CBD oil can deal with strong flavours really well you can be sure it will produce top class chocolate too. As a bonus unfiltered CBD oil has more good amino acids and vitamins.

#4 – Never heat CBD oil directly

Doing so will interfere with important compounds in the oil and reduce its effectiveness. Always add it to another ingredient in your chocolate recipe before heating to avoid this issue, and if you happen across a recipe that advises otherwise bin it and keep looking!

#5 – Stir your mixture frequently

They say cooking is an art and baking is a science – but where does making chocolate fall? It’s probably fair to say that you need to be exact with the ingredients (barring the CBD oil which can be reduced without spoiling anything), and also follow the method given. If your recipe doesn’t make a point of telling you to stir your mixture thoroughly then do it anyhow. After all, you’ve invested time and care into making something delicious, and every single piece your finished chocolate product is broken into deserves to have the same amazing benefits as all others.

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