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Delta 8 Near Me: Why You Shouldn’t Buy Delta 8 in Stores

CBD and its commercial success have opened the door for many new hemp-based products to enter the market, which can be very good, but it could also have potential downsides. Delta 8 THC products are among that bunch, and before you set out to buy delta 8 THC in any form, you should definitely inform yourself.

Below, we’ll explain in short terms what Delta 8 is, its legal status, and why it’s recommended to get it from online stores over your local dispensary. Before we get into that, you should know that this is a market that is still being researched and explored. There may be changes to it in the future, but the current state is reflected in the point we’re trying to make.

What Is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol, or delta 8 THC, is a variation on the standard THC you’ve heard about, which is the primary cannabinoid of marijuana and the one responsible for its psychoactive effects. The standard version is actually called delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, and we’ll refer to it as Delta 9 going forward.

So, what’s the difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC? What is it that makes one legal while the other remains on the other side of the law? Well, right off the bat, Delta 8 is supposed to have much milder effects on the user, a smoother high. It’s also supposed to eliminate the harmful impact Delta 9 can have on some people, like anxiety and paranoia.

Going even beyond that, into the chemical structure of these two, they differ very slightly on the molecular level, and one bond is all it takes. However, that one bond differentiates between the two just enough to keep them separate and alter the effects it has on the human body’s endocannabinoid system.

Can You Buy It Legally?

That slight difference is also enough to distinguish between the two legally. To be more precise, Delta 8 is considered a hemp derivative. Because of that, it is deemed to be legal, albeit through a loophole. You see, the 2018 Farm Bill states that any product derived from the hemp plant that contains less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC is considered a hemp derivative and is therefore legal and in no way tied to the laws regarding marijuana.

Delta 8 is supposed to fall into those parameters and therefore is legal in the eyes of the government. There has been a movement to get this assessed by the FDA and determine whether Delta 8 is supposed to be a controlled substance. However, there has been no word on that for a while, and the market for Delta 8 keeps thriving in the meantime.

Why Online Stores Are the Place to Go for Delta 8

While on the subject of the market for hemp products, it has been expanding rapidly, and a whole bunch of new products are entering it and trying to find their place. The most common Delta 8 products you’ll run into are edibles and vape oils, which can both be found in both brick and mortar stores, and more importantly, online ones.

Why would online stores have an advantage when it comes to buying Delta 8? Well, to not go into the much more comprehensive selection and more precise product descriptions, we want to bring up the fact that none of these products is FDA regulated yet. That means that whatever the manufacturer put on the label is the only way to know what is contained in the product.

With online stores, you can step in contact with the vendor, or even the manufacturer sometimes, and get the reassurance that this product is legal, but more importantly – safe. You want to make sure that the Delta 8 THC and all the other materials that go into the manufacturing of the final product are safe for human consumption and get a guarantee that the Delta 9 THC levels are not above the legal limit.

In Conclusion

Those are some of the basics of what Delta 8 THC is and why you should always inform yourself before buying any product in this branch. Many new businesses are popping up, and that is great, both for the industry and the economy in general. Still, without proper regulation, it’s up to the consumers to keep the manufacturers in check and make sure they are only getting top-quality products. Find a trusted manufacturer and vendor, and you should be good to order your Delta 8 online and enjoy it responsibly.

This has been our short overview of why you shouldn’t buy delta 8 in stores. We hope that we managed to explain this process to you and that you now have a better understanding of the subject.

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